Washing machine service in Chennai

With a team of highly skilled and verified technicians, we deliver top notch services for your essential home appliances. Our well trained team can cater to your needs of installation and repair services of Fridge, AC and washing machine service in Chennai.

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  • Drain motor replacement
  • Gear assembly replacement
  • PCB board replacement
  • Outer tub replacement
  • Inner tub replacement
  • Agitator replacementt
  • Wiring kit replacement
  • Power guard replacement
  • Outer capinet replacement and tinkering
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  • Fridge
  • All Types of service & installation
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  • Relay OLB replacement
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  • Freezer door replacement
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  • Bio-metal replacement
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  • AC
  • All Types of service & installation
  • Compressor replacement
  • Outdoor fan replacement
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  • Copper pipe replacement
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  • Blower replacement
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Washing machine repair and service

Are you facing problems with your washing machine? Fixing out your troubling washing machine is no more a daunting task. We offer the best and reliable repair services that can be booked at the comfort of your home. In this fast paced world where our lifestyle mostly relies on smart devices and machines, we truly can understand how a repair in your washing machine can disturb your whole day schedule. As a leading washing machine service in Chennai, we deliver you the most efficient and convenient way of getting your washing machine serviced at your doorstep. 

We have significant expertise in repairing multi-brand washing machines. Although we comfort you from troubling washing machines, still we recommend some good practices that could lessen the chances for the appliances to get into trouble and go a long way. Our quick and easy tips will make your washing machine happy and healthy.

IFB washing machine service in Chennai      

When it comes to IFB washing machines, the brand is well-known for its premium quality, popular and technology-driven washing machines. This top brand has been delivering home appliances to its customers for three decades.

Many of us love washing machines since it eases our day to day living.  Despite the fact that it is one of the most advantageous appliances you can own, maintaining it needs good care and attention.

Regular deep cleaning

At some point, washing machines may experience a problem which can impact on its performance.  You can observe that the washing is not done properly and drop down in the efficiency of the machine.  If you let this continue, it will shorten the lifespan of the appliance. In order to avoid this, you should perform regular cleaning cycles as prescribed in the product manual.

Have an eye on the clog

Improper draining of water is one of the most common problems faced with washing machine use.  If you have been facing standing water issues in your washing machine, it is the right time to call for IFB washing machine service in Chennai. Ensure that your washer is checked for clogs every time you use the machine. If you don’t allow room for perfect draining of water, then it may lead to bacteria and mold breeding.

Look for any residues

Don’t forget to look for the leftover particles. Even detergent spills may result as residue. No matter how expensive washing powder you use for the machine, the residue if anything can cause unpleasant odor. Never leave this problem to occur and prevent this by wiping it with a mild dishwashing cleaner. Besides preventing residues in the machine, you should approach the right IFB washing machine service center in Chennai to keep the device in good condition.

Don’t overdose detergent

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing the detergent powder for washing machines. Of course, the choice is yours. But make sure you use the right type and the right amount of powder/solution. It doesn’t mean that more detergent makes the clothes clean better.  

Whirlpool washing machine service in Chennai

When talking about Whirlpool brand, it is the most popular pick for buying larger home appliances such as Refrigerators, Washing machines, etc. Since they provide great features in an affordable range, they have a prominent name in the industry. However, if you would like to have a great life for your lovable appliance, then you should hire the right and qualified professionals, in case you face any issues with the washing machines. So hire the best Whirlpool washing machine service center in Chennai to ensure high quality washing machine repair services and let the appliance endure with top quality.

Facing issues of washing machine stops in mid-cycle?

If you look to address the machine stops in mid-cycle through a program, then here are the tips.

  • Check whether there is any blocked hose and the washing machine is receiving water supply.
  • Faulty door locks can also be a common problem. The door lock safety feature is used in preventing the machine’s door to open when it is in a washing cycle. This door lock error can cause the washer to stop mid-cycle.
  • Water inlet valve pours water into the washing machine tub. If the inlet valve is not in ON condition or defective, the washer will stop mid-cycle.

Samsung washing machine service in Chennai

If you want your laundry tasks to be less tedious one, then smart and innovative ranges of washing machines from the Samsung brand would be a wise decision. Moreover, it becomes more evident that the customer satisfaction survey showed a fairly good result in 2015 for washing machines. 

What can you do if the washing machine is not spinning?

If you find something is not good with your washing machine and looking for a visit from a repair technician, then our reliable Samsung washing machine service center in Chennai can help you. If you would like to know what’s wrong with the machine, the below tips can be useful.

  • Uneven loads may often stand behind the reason for the washing machines spin problem. This issue is fixable. So don’t have to worry.
  • Don’t try to push a little more into your washing machine than its capacity. It may stop the spinning.
  • There may be a crash in the program. What you can do right here is restart and get it going on.

Panasonic washing machine service in Chennai

Loaded with rich features that deliver the best for your washing, Panasonic washing machines have surely offered you the comfort and convenience of hassle free washing experiences.

But there will be a time where you face noise issues in the washing machine. Although all washing machines tend to make some degree of noise, if it is louder and if irritating, then you should look for the causes.

  • You may have failed to pay attention to coins or small objects in the clothes, they will remain in the washing In some cases, they go through washing without issues but if caught into the inner drum, it will create a lot of noise.
  • If there is any worn out or damaged issue in drum bearings, then a loud rumbling noise may be there during the wash cycle. It indicates to you that it is the probable time to approach the best Panasonic washing machine service center in Chennai, just like us.
  • If there is an unbalanced load in the washing machine, it will lead to lots of movement and can hammer the bearings. This may also result in louder noises.

Godrej washing machine service in Chennai

Godrej has good records of spending significant amounts of dollars in refining their products and effective washing machines from the brand is a good proof for that. You can’t deny that the brand offers great customer service and we represent that.

Is your Godrej washing machine not draining properly? The probable causes may be:

  • There may be a possibility for the drain pump filter to trap small items that have fallen down the drain. So, check whether the drain pump filter is clogged and if yes, then it needs to be cleaned.
  • After you have cleared things, it is good to test and ensure that the washer is working fine. Do this by starting a program and allow the drum to fill with water. Choose the “drain” option in the machine and look for whether it is draining. If yes, then you don’t have to worry, it can be managed. Else, it is the best time to seek the experts at Godrej washing machine service center in Chennai.
  • There can be a defective motor. With a defective motor, the drain pump fails to work.
  • If there are no clogs or blocks in your drain hose or pump, then it is possible for the pump to malfunction in drawing water.

Onida washing machine service in Chennai

Onida is certainly an enduring brand boasting of Indian Consumables. If your great and happy washing experiences are going well, then it’s fine. Else if you find any issues like bouncing of the Onida washing machine around, then it is watched out for these reasons.

  • A most common reason for a washer bouncing around is overloading your washing machine. Since the machine needs effective balance, overloading makes it imbalanced and underperform and bouncing.
  • Ensure whether it is perfectly leveled on the ground. Make adjustments in the legs of the washing machine to level it as much as possible. Make sure the locking nuts are fastened rightly after your adjustments.
  • Although washer bouncing around may not be a significant issue, still it is good to check with repair specialists of an Onida washing machine service center in Chennai for an effective remedy.

LG washing machine service in Chennai

For home appliances whether it is a refrigerator or television or washing machines, LG performs well in its niche. It gives consumers an array of models that suit the buyers’ budgets with reasonable prices. However, you may feel frustrated when you are not able to use your appliance due to any issue. If you find any fault that doesn’t allow you to go have the regular laundry tasks, then as a prominent LG washing machine service center in Chennai, we are with you to help in getting it ready.

Is your LG washing machine not turning on? Check out for the following reasons.

  • The foremost thing that you have to do is ensure whether the machine gets power. If it seems that electricity is not flowing into the washer, then check with the household electrical panel for circuit breaker trip problems.
  • Check any lights displaying on the washing machine. If not then see if the plug is properly inserted into the socket and switch is in on condition.
  • If there is no issue with the socket, then check for the fuse in the plug. Place the fuse into another plug of another appliance or replace it with a new working fuse.
  • Still the product doesn’t show any signs of powering on, don’t make the delay, arrange for a repair technician visit from the washing machine service in Chennai to fix the problem.

When your home appliances help you in daily activities and ease up your work loads, by taking steps with a little preparation and care, you can make it go long for good condition and well performing. If you need help on installation/repair/replacement, we deliver the best services at your doorstep.