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Newtech service Chennai is a pioneer in home appliance repair service and installation such as Fridge, AC & washing machine service in Chennai. Currently we are doing service and installation in most popular brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Godrej, Whirlpool, IFB & Onida washing machine, air conditioner (AC) & refrigerator (Fridge). Newtech is well known for best washing machine service in Chennai.

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Washing machine repair & service in Chennai

In today’s hustler’s era, owning a washing machine has become an absolute necessity. Doing laundry for emergencies can truly save someone’s day and make the laundry doing business cheaper and easier for the person. However, such machines also require constant care and maintenance as they may break down easily ensue a little panic for the owner.

Therefore, we have developed a guide for you to find quick fixes for your washing machine in times of need. This guide will also help you examine your machine and give a clear idea to the washing machine services you may call for lasting repairs.

Every washing machine performs four cycles i.e. fill, wash, drain, and spin. While these are basic functions, many things can go wrong with them. Among these, certain issues are easy to tackle, while others may need an expert inspection and fixing.

When working on a washing machine, be sure to unplug it and keep the front-loading washer empty. Now, let’s look at certain issues that one’s washing machine may face and the process to repair it, either yourself or through an expert repair person.

Washing machine doesn’t run :

If the machine doesn’t run at all, it may not be receiving any electrical energy, hence check if it is properly plugged in a functioning power outlet.

* In the second scenario, if the machine stops midway, the overload protector may be triggered, causing the machine to halt for you to unload some clothes and let the protector reset itself.

* If it is neither of these scenarios, then make sure that the machine is plugged in and turned on. Then check if the receptacle seems dead, if it does, check the circuit breaker or the fuse that serves the receptacle. After that, check the power cord to see if it is broken or frayed and needs replacement. Open the lid and check the lid switch. Press and release the switch and if it doesn’t click, may be broken and need replacement.

* If none of the above hacks work, the controls may be faulty and you may need to call for washing machine repair service.

If the residue remains on your clothes and the machine is not rinsing your laundry correctly, then there may be an array of causes to this situation. You have find the way to clean the washing machine.

Make sure that you are not using excess soap and not overloading the machine.

If these types of problems are not causing issues, you must check the supply valves and make sure that the water supply valves, which serve the supply hoses are open all the way.

* Make sure that the supply hoses are not kinked.

* Check the drain hose and make sure that the draining is occurring completely. Any blockages in the same may cause dirty rinse water to back up and leave clothes dirty.

* If neither of these measures work, you may need to call washing machine services for repair.

If a washing machine is leaking water, make sure that such water is not drain water.

* Make sure you install a no-burst stainless steel mesh hose to prevent supply hose burst and flood damage.

* Checking the fittings for leaky and worn hoses and determining if the machine is over sudsing can help tackle the overflow situation.

 If the washing machine has fill problems, you must make sure that the hose’s connection to the standpipe is at least 34 inches above the floor. An air gap between the drain hose and standpipe will prevent backflow of dirty water.

* Apart from that, check for broken water-level switch, timer, or temperature selector.

* You also may want to check for a defective water-inlet valve or water-level switch.

 If your washing machine shakes or vibrates, I may be because of an out-of-balance wash load. Follow the below noted steps to settle it:

* Adjust the load if it has scrunched up on one side of the washing tub. This should provide balanced washing and stop machine shakes.

* Make sure the floor is solid, flat, and strong enough to support the heavy weight of the washing machine when filled with water and clothes.

* Make sure you unplug the washer before doing any of these tasks.

* Check levelling feet and make sure that the front legs have rubber caps.

* If necessary, tilting the machine forward may also stop it from vibrating or shaking.

All these issues need expert attention to make sure the damage to the machine doesn’t worsen over time. Hence, even if these hacks may temporarily solve your issues, get a routine washing machine service check up to maintain the longevity of the appliance. It is very essential to do washing machine service in Chennai for every 6 months.

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Washing machine service tips :

How to Make a washer Stop Shaking

It cannot be rare for people to live without washers and provide their energy to prevent their washer shaking? this can be a significant appliance to get its share of run-time in your home. Once your washer begins to shake, rumble, and make loud noises, it is often disrupting, and you may be troubled about damage.

Providentially, a washer shaking is frequently something you’ll be able to repair. Here are a number of the best ways to form your washer to stop shaking and what you’ll do if the following pointers don’t solve your troubles.

Make Sure Your Loads Are Balanced
One of the best fixes for a shaking washer is to pay close attention to how you load your clothes. If all of the load is on one side of the drum in an exceedingly top-loading washer, it’ll become unbalanced, causing the washer to shake. This isn’t as big of a difficulty in front-loading machines. However, those washers typically have a faster spin cycle, so a little vibration problem can seem bigger than it actually is.

Check That the Washer and Floor Are Level
Another common thanks to make a washer stop shaking is to confirm that it’s level. If the washer or the ground is unlevel, you may likely have balancing issues. Not sure? Plan a floor level on base and place it on top of your machine. Before, adjust the washing machine feet till the machine is perfectly level.

Ensure Your Floor Is Stable
If your floor is shaking additionally to your washer, you may have troubles that transcend your appliances. it might be an honest idea to test your floor’s stability from the basement or crawl space and either add support or fix any issues. supporting the ground support might make your washer stop its annoying rattle.

Examine Your Stacking Kit

Stacked washers and dryers are excellent space savers, but they’re not immune from shaking. Additionally, to check your floor and level the unit, take a glance at the frame that mounts the upper and lower units together. If the frame isn’t secure, fixing it would stop the shaking.

Use washer Vibration Pads

Truth be told, some older washers just vibrate a small amount. If you’ve got one in all these, you’ll be able to make this sort of washer stop shaking by adding vibration pads. These are simple, low-cost pads that you just place under the feet of the appliance that are meant to soak up vibrations.
Remove Shipping Bolts.

Do you have a more recent washer that’s shaking?

If so, someone might need neglected to get rid of the shipping bolts when the appliance was delivered and installed. Shipping bolts are meant to guard the drum during shipping but are alleged to be removed before use. When your drum doesn’t spin by pointer, those plastic bolts might still be installed underneath the appliance.

Help to create Your washer Stop Shaking

While some DIY solutions can fix issues together with your washer, not all of them are visiting to do the trick. That doesn’t mean it is the time to shop for a brand-new appliance. you’ll simply call in the washing machine service center and see if there’s an economical solution to form your washer stop shaking.

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