Car Air Conditioning Facts

While talking about the air conditioners, the very first thing that comes to our mind is the cooling of atmosphere and creation of pleasant working environment. It can also be said to as a machine or system through which the desired room temperature at a particular place can be reached is called as an air conditioner. Air conditioners are mostly used in houses, vehicles and buildings. The credit of giving this modern system goes to W.H. Carrier Company that is located in New York. 

It introduced air conditioners for the first time in 1902. This name is related with the industry till up till now. This invention had the capability of controlling not only a particular temperature but a certain level of humidity also. This was done by letting the air to blow through cold coils. These coils were kept in water, which is at a very low temperature and only kept the air cool but reduced the humidity level as well. Air conditioners can be used for two different applications. One is related to the comfort of the customer and the second is associated with process application. 

Former include controlling the indoor air temperature and thus providing a comfortable desired environment. This application can be implemented in all sorts of automobiles. Later application can be best found in hospitals, laboratories, industries etc.

Car Air Conditioning Facts

Important factor on which special attention should be paid is the cleanliness. If the air conditioner is kept dirt free its efficiency is enhanced and working life period is increased. However, inadequate maintenance will lead to the growth of harmful microorganism. Properly working air conditioner is very useful for the protection of sick people from different diseases and especially for those, who suffer from asthma, as it provides clean and safe atmosphere. 

In hot areas it has now become essential to equip the transportation with air conditioners. Air conditioner makes the journey comfortable for passengers and drivers. In 1939 air conditioner systems were first introduced to the vehicles. That time it was considered as an additional thing and because of certain problems its use was reduced. In 1954 the first air conditioner was fitted to an automobile in America.

 It was Nash that got this privilege. This idea became very popular among the automobile owners as it provided the first integrated system that has all the control in the dashboard and had all necessary switches for specific operations. This product was not expensive and most of people had the ability to purchase it. As the time continued to pass General Motors has introduced an optional unit in its V8 Chevrolet and Pontiac models. This was done in 1954. After some time it became the foundation of all the modern techniques that are used for controlling and maintaining air temperature in automobiles. By 1969, over fifty percent of the vehicles in US were equipped with air conditioning units. Now it has become difficult to find and buy a car that does not have air conditioner.

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