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An IFB industry limited is basically known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited which was established in 1974 by the collaboration with Hienrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. The company deals in many products such as machine tools like decoilers, straighteners and Strip loaders, fine blanked aspect as well as some other tolls as well.  As IFB is termed as one of the narrow and rare but it is a world class premium brand. It is a leading company because it covers approximate 40% of the entire market in comparison of LG which occupies 32%. It was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of engineering tools as well as blanking aspects but now it has solid presence within the consumer’s electronics marketplace. It was foraying into segment of washing machine during the economic liberalization in India in 1991 and successfully positioned itself as a market leader. Company develops better quality of IFB washing machines whereas, industry experts thinks that it happens due to the partnership along with the Bosch and Siemens while the owner decide to come into the segment of electronic appliances.
Sourec : https://www.techsciresearch.com/report/india-washing-machine-market/4064.html From the above graph it can be viewed that the market of washing machines in India views a CAGR over the 4% between 2019 - 2024. As it is widely used home appliances which is in used for washing clothes or laundry because it saves energy as well as time. India’s leading market player of washing machines includes Kenster, Whirlpool, Haier, IFB, Samsung, Siements, LG, Godrej, Toshiba, Bouce and so on. TechSci research carried out research by using primary as well as secondary research in order to analyse and forecast the market size.

Key technologies of IFB washing machine:

Smart loader : As IFB thinks are considered as an India’s first smart machine that takes care the special requirements otherwise it is impossible to use with conventional washing equipment's. This type of feature is aligned with the smart technologies in order to save electricity and the main thing is that t comes with the warranty period of 4 years along with the 10 years of spare machines parts support system.

Extensive range of washing styles: The new breed of Indian Fine Blanks Limited front loaders facilitates numerous ranges of washing styles such as:

360° Wash : It is accomplished rare but very interesting framework of water that discharges water in a 360 degree within the drum. It manifest resourceful engineering where the water in wash tub is sprayed through a nozzle on garments under the wash as it is designed effective drum that circulate it 360 degree movements. This make sure that loaded garments are soaked by detergents properly for facilitating immaculate wash of clothes.  

O2 Wash : It is also termed as an innovation technique that is developed by IFB in which washer creates many air bubbles that deeply goes into fabrics in order to minimize dirt and provide clean wash.

Steam Wash : Within the IFB machines water as well as steam creates a dynamic duo in which the small amount of water can be required for generating steam that occupy large volume. This type of wash helps in complementing water wash for the purpose of keeping gentle, wrinkle free and soft garments.

Cradle Wash : It is delicately crafted for cleaning clothes such as laces, satins, silk and so many by preventing washers and detergents in order to get too harsh on them. This is mainly ensures the gentle care of garments.

Aqua Energie : IFB has aqua energie in order to tackle as well as treat hard water because it is a common issue that is available in different places in entire India. It is harmful for the washer and impacts on health as well so it becomes hard to solidify detergents in hard water substances. The main aim of this technology is to convert hard substances of water into soft and break down bicarbonates into the fine crystals.

Deep cleaning : The Company IFB facilitates deep cleaning facility with the Bi-axial rotation 4 dynamic Swirl Jet as well as Crescent Moon Drum. As it is a top premium washing machine which developed several techniques and made them competitive and better. Firstly, they adopt bi-axial motions technique that makes garments to rotate horizontally and after that vertically tumbled. Also, there are 4 D water jets that make the deep cleaning. Along with this, an IFB top load machine that comes with the soft scrub pads which gently wash all the stubborn particles of dirt by using powerful swirl jets.

Convenient washing : It facilitates this kind of washing with the laundry add, auto loaded balancing as well as time delay. As laundry adds lets users to adjoin items between the wash cycles in case user forget to add them. Also update auto balancing system to add clothes in between so that would be automatically balanced load by redistribution garments. Finally, time delay feature allows users to push back the starting of wash cycle according to their requirements as they personalized time of delay between 30 minutes to 1 day.

Entire protection technology : IFB provides protection with the auto re start, voltage and child lock which states that machines are equipped in a well manner along with the several protection technologies. Power outages are not new in India as all have worse for regularly facing it. So that company use innovative idea in order to deal with this issue whenever power goes the setting of washing machines are resets to default.  Along with this, voltage changes are termed as a side upshot of power cuts as all the washing machines of IFB are protected with voltage protection technique in which inbuilt controller is presence that is smart and micro.

Triadic Pulsator : IFB making attempt to supply audience wishing top loaders. This technique is used in new high end which is a testimony of it.  

Statistical data of IFB are as follows:

(Source: Indian Fine Blanks (IFB) Industries Limited revenue across India from FY 2014 to FY 2017)

The above graph shows that the revenue of IFB’s in the year 2014 to 2017. As in 2014 company has 12181 million rupees which increased year by year and reached 17407 million till 2017.

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