Air conditioning system overview

Basic functions of any air conditioner include:

Turning air conditioner on and off;
Selecting operation mode;
Adjusting air flow direction.
You can operate your air conditioner by pressing the buttons on the remote control or using buttons on the indoor unit.

Auto mode of the air conditioner allows automatically set the temperature and fan speed depending on the room temperature detected by the build-in temperature sensor.

In cool mode the air conditioner cools your room and you can adjust the temperature and fan speed to make cooler in hot summer months.

In dry mode (which can be optional in some models of air conditioners depending on the manufacturer) the air conditioner acts like dehumidifier by removing moisture from the indoor air. In the humid climate this functions allows to make the air refreshing.

Fan mode is indicated for room ventilation and refreshing the stale air in the room. It is very convenient for bad ventilated rooms.

Heat mode allows warming the room in cold months of winter. This mode can be optional in old models of air conditioners; modern models usually have this mode as a basic function.

One of the basic functions available in practically all models is adjusting the air flow direction. Air flow can be directed to the desired position. In vertical air flow blades move up and down. In horizontal air flow the blades move left or right to keep the air flow direction in a constant position a person prefers.

Air conditioner filters

Samsung air conditioner filter

The air conditioners by this manufacturer include multi-functional purifying system. This system has a preparing bio-filter that starts working before the main air filter of the system. The bio-cleaning process begins when the air conditioner absorbs the air and gets it through the first preparing bio-filter. Then the main step of purifying process continue making the air clean.

The result is amazing- the clean and fresh air gets out of the air conditioner. The air is purified from harmful dirt and microorganisms.

Hitachi air conditioner filter

Hitachi air filters and ionizers satisfy all demands of craziest about pure air consumers. The combination of filter and ultraviolet device makes the bactericidal air purification effect. An ultraviolet device of the air conditioner with the short-wave light gets rid of all the microbes and prevents them from spreading in the room.

Daikin air conditioner filter

The manufacture of this air conditioner offers more preliminary filters: coarse filter and electrostatic filter that is why the purifying system of Daikin works more efficiently. The filters catch large dust substances and mechanical pollutants. The filter system of Daikin is easy to use and clean.

A deodorizing effect of the filter system meets the demands of many consumers who want to have sufficient features beside main ones.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner filter

Air filter by Mitsubishi Electric is designed with special innovative feature -catalytic covering which operates as antioxidant. The active substance in the filter is a flavonoid , which by a reaction turns into free radicals or chemically inactive compounds. In such a reaction the flavanoid accelerates the chemical changing process, works as a catalyst. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner filter features a long time usage and ability to clean the air perfectly.

Toshiba air conditioner filter

Toshiba offers triplex filters which make the air of high quality. The triplex system of air cleaning includes big washable antibacterial filter, passive electrostatic filter, ceolite filter. This system changes sufficiently the quality of the air in the room to the better. The filtration is extremely high –the filter removes air-polluting substances of 0, 0001 micron in size.

Because of its highly corrugated covering the ceolite filter cleans the air especially efficiently than a usual filter made of activated charcoal. The ceolite filter half reduces the time for lowering the concentration of pollutants in the air.

The technology of air conditioning is constantly changing making our life more comfortable and healthier. We want to make a review on air conditioner filters by different manufacturers who offer a variety of decisions on how to make the air cleaner and our life easier.

Panasonic air conditioner filter

This filter is manufactured according to innovative technology allowing  the filter to catche the smallest dust particles, and also animal hair, tobacco smoke etc. it is designed with the special substance – catechine which makes possible to detect and deactivate widespread viruses and bacteria,  and prevent various infectious diseases from spreading.

Panasonic coal filter absorbs tobacco smoke, animals’ odors and other invisible air pollutants. This filter removes the unpleasant smell completely and deodorizes the air.

Panasonic air conditioner filter combines three catalysts to neutralize smells. These three catalysts purify the air of a variety of harmful substances that cause an unpleasant smell. Panasonic air filter removes not only tobacco particles from the air but also chemical vapor which is extremely dangerous for people’s health. Panasonic air conditioner filter have a deodorizing effect which works under the influence of the sunlight. This filter can restore this effect if exposed to the sunlight.

Air Conditioners Service

NewTech providing excellent air conditioner service in Chennai at best cost.If the air conditioner will not be used for a long period of time, dry the air conditioner to maintain it in the best condition.

First dry the air conditioner thoroughly by operating in Fan mode for 2-3 hours and disconnect the power plug. There may be internal damage if moisture is left in components.

Secondly dry the inner components of the air conditioner again by running in Fan mode for 2-3 hours before using air conditioner again. This helps remove odors which may have generated from dampness.

You should make periodical checks to maintain the air conditioner properly. The indoor unit consists of the air filter, condensate drain pan, heat exchanger, condensate drain pipe and remote control. You should clean all the components once a year except the air filter that should be cleaned every month.

The outdoor unit has the heat exchanger on the outside of the unit that should be cleaned every 4 months; the electric components should be cleaned with jets of air once a year. Verify that all the electric components are firmly tightened once a year. The fan is to be cleaned once a year also.

These checks and maintenance operations are essential to guarantee the efficiency of the air conditioner. The frequency of these operations varies according to the characteristics of the area, the amount of dust and some other conditions. If the area of installation is very dusty, the described operations should be performed more frequently. It is important to know that these operations are recommended to be performed by qualified personnel.

Samsung’s AS12UBF

Samsung’s leading technologies in air conditioning offer new innovative, unique model that will turn your home into an ideal space of pure and healthy air.

Samsung’s AS12UBF takes care of healthy and pure air, improving it through patent filters; the air is free from bacteria and viruses. This model protects from elements causing allergy and diseases of lungs, purifying over 19, 16 m3 of space.

Samsung’s Good Sleep function meets the everyday demands of consumers, who want to have real rest and good sleep at night. Ideal and comfortable climate in your bedroom is what you really need in hot summer months. Temperature control system and automatic moisture adjustment protect your sleep from unnecessary humidity and heat so you and your children are refreshed in the morning. Good Sleep function saves up to 36% in energy consumption in comparisonto the normal cooling mode.

Samsung’s S-Inverter cools the air quickly and keeps the desirable temperature automatically. It changes its operation mode to economic, saving up to 50% in energy consumption. What is also important, it makes less vibration, and less noise. Comfort Care technology measures the humidity and temperature and alters both automatically to make the comfort index ideal. The temperature can be easily checked for everyone with Samsung’s family-friendly display.

Samsung’s design is a sophisticated way to décor your home with a beautiful and powerful at the same time air conditioner. With an exclusive design of the model you won’t have to make interior compromises.

Galanz air conditioner

Galanz light wave air conditioner can well meet the sleep demands of people of different ages- it is an excellent, unique and healthy light wave air conditioner, that manufacturer calls: “bedroom air conditioner”.

The customer needs and demands are met by healthy function of Galanz air conditioners. Galanz light wave air conditioner is manufactured by Galanz Group, the company oriented on using advanced light wave technology to create good interior air quality. Galanz produces refined products integrated with the healthy function and among the various interior air purification technologies, the light wave technology is the leading one.

The light wave air conditioner possesses a light wave sterilizing device. Using high effective refrigeration and heating of light wave air conditioner, it can remedy the heating deficiency problem of air conditioner. What is more, it can send out the sterilizing light with the wave range of 253.7nm, which can sterilize the staphylococcus aureus, bacillus coli, candida albicans, and other pathogenic bacteria, this function also helps to remove harmful gases and dusts.

Galanz new generation light wave air conditioner meets the demands of the customers on the healthy function of air conditioner. The air comes out smoothly, the noise is only 22dB and it is a significant moment during night.

Powerful breakthroughs appear in the fields of temperature, freshness and comfortableness. The healthy function improves air component and benefits to human body. The revolutionary method of the fresh air passing through the third generation antibiotic filter net that can resist up to 99.97% of bacteria is magnificent. The fresh air carries vitamin C after passing through the vitamin C filter net, and nourishes the skin of the customers. Galanz uses the latest patent technology of automatic negative ion releasing.

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