Using Custom Made Slotted Angle Racks For Industrial AC Unit Setup – A Brief Analysis

The manufacturing units emit a large amount of heat during several stages of production. Nowadays, the industrial cooling products are purchased and used in various businesses. It helps in managing the temperature demands. The environment of each industry differs from one to another. It is important to purchase the right industrial AC unit for better performance.

The majority of cooling systems have the potential to perform excellently in areas where there is a high temperature. Each and every AC unit is constructed with reliability and redundancy. It is necessary to know the importance and requirement of the industrial AC unit, and it should be customized as per to your demands.

It is recommended to design air proofing unit that does not explode. It helps to keep the entire industrial area pleasant and makes it favorable for the workforce. When low noise producing motors and fans are used, it helps to offer a comfortable work environment free from noise. Using independent and multiple refrigerant circuits occupied with hot gas helps to improve performance and durability of the AC unit. When you purchase or install a centralizing cooling system, you can experience better cooling though it is installed in a single location.

Role of Slotted Angle Racks

The slotted angle racks play an important role in industrial air conditioner units. It offers excellent storage capacity for setting up the units. The slotted angle racks come with simple bolts and nuts assembly. You have different options where you can choose the thickness and size of the rack as per your requirement. It has high quality and flexible construction standards and serves best to hold the AC unit.

It is important to check whether you are using slotted angle racks for installing the industrial air conditioner. It is well known that industries experience uncomfortable levels of temperature. The cooling systems help to bring the temperature back to normal condition. The manufacturing units generate heat, and that helps in converting raw materials into end products. It is necessary to dissipate the generated heat using the air conditioner. It helps in regulating the temperature at usual levels.

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The Slotted Angles are available in standard lengths of 6, 6.5, 7 and 8.25 ft. and slot angle measurements available are as follows;

  • 40 x 40 x 2 mm
  • 60 x 40 x 2 mm
  • 60 x 40 x 2.5 mm
  • 80 x 40 x 2.5 mm

The sheet thickness for shelves can vary according to the kind of load that is being stored. Shelves are available in the following measurements;

  • 900 x 300 mm
  • 900 x 375 mm
  • 900 x 450 mm
  • 900 x 600 mm

Industrial Cooling is Important for Cooler Workplaces

There are two kinds of towers used according to the requirements of the industries. They are closed and open cooling towers. The other name for open cooling towers is direct cooling towers. The water present in the compartment will be in direct touch with the dry external air. It helps in the occurrence of evaporation.

A filter is placed where it safeguards the pollutants present in the water. In the indirect or closed cooling tower, the water does not get in direct touch with the external air. It uses the additional heat exchangers in functioning. The air will get cooled within the heat exchangers. As a result, the workplace gets a comfortable temperature though the climate is hot.

Requirement of the Hour – Industrial Cooling Towers

One of the most wanted devices for small and large industries is the industrial cooling towers. It is mandatory for companies that produce heat. The cooling systems should be used by certain industries like petroleum refining industry, refrigeration and air conditioning industry, steel industry, sugar manufacturing industry, chemical processing industry, electricity generating unit and more. It has become essential to eliminate the heat produced by the manufacturing units.

In the olden days, the cooling towers were made up of wood. Due to increase and popularity in the industrialization, there are several improved cooling systems versions developed. It includes RCC and FRP cooling towers. The requirement of cooling does not mean only the location cooling. It also refers to process cooling, and it is implemented in the recent years. When right quality and quantity of water is used in the tower, the machine can have a long life. It is important to maintain the machine properly. It helps the system to function without any issues or repair for years.

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Industrial Cooling is Indispensable in Present Business Scenario

It is easy to understand the cooling towers concept. There are two kinds of cooling systems. They are mechanical draft cooling towers and natural draft cooling towers.

The natural draft cooling towers remain large. It is employed in large industries like petroleum refineries and electricity generation.

The mechanical draft cooling towers are small in size. In this system, the exhaust fans are used and spreads air throughout the tower. Nowadays, industries find hard to eliminate the produced heat energy. They try to dispose of during the manufacturing stage but find hard. When the industry uses the right kind of cooling systems, they can efficiently eliminate the heat and circulate cool temperature throughout. There is more and more new technology coming up to develop efficient and flawless systems. It is sure you can experience a pleasant workplace with the help of cooling towers.

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