Haier Washing Machine HLP21N

It is common knowledge that a top-loader washing machine is usually cheaper than its front-loader counterpart that boasts the same capabilities and the very portable Haier HLP21N is no exception. While front-loader washing machines may be all the rage now, rest assured that aside from the attractive pricing, there are still plenty of reasons to hold on to the top-loader.

Best washing machine Haier HLP21N

I will be reviewing the popular Haier HLP21N in this article, so read on for why budget-conscious or not, the compact Haier HLP21N is the perfect washing machine for you, bearing in mind that it takes only half the load of a normal-sized washing machine.

In terms of reliability, there is only one too many reason to trust a top-loader more as they have been around for so long. This is true of the Haier HLP21N, as it has not given me any problems since the day I first used it five months ago. In short, it is still working like a charm in doing what it is originally intended for without much fuss; getting my clothes clean.

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This compact machine measuring only 1 cubic foot and weighing 65 pounds (nothing to worry about, as it comes with its own rolling casters for easy storing should you need more space) comes with 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles and can hold up to an impressive 6 pounds of clothes with its stainless steel tub. It is perfect for anyone who does not have enough room for a regular-sized unit like me.

Now, on to its performance; does the Haier HLP21N live up to its established brand name? You bet your front-loaders it does! First of all, it is so easy to set up that I had it done by my not-too-mechanically-inclined self in approximately 10 minutes. Secondly, the clothes come out very, very clean. There is a nifty buzzer to let you know that the wash cycle has ended too.

The clothes dry completely in less than 5 hours when I hang them up on an indoor drying rack, indicative of a good and effective spin cycle, even though it is not the quietest during then but that is easy to overlook, since the machine is fairly quiet during its wash cycles. The only complaint that I have about the unit, albeit a very minor one is the fact that my clothes sometimes come out quite tangled but that is nothing some quick tossing with the hands can’t fix.

Personally, I think the best thing about using a top-loader is that there is none of the feared water leakage and mold buildup due to faulty door seals usually associated with a front-loader (taking into consideration the budget-conscious price range that this article is all about). There is also no need for a high-efficiency detergent that costs a lot more than a normal detergent, contributing towards a huge saving in the long run.

All in all, I can’t rave about this product enough and would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone in need of a good, compact washing machine that won’t put a dent in your wallet!

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