LG washing machine WM2487HRM

The LG WM2487HRM is an innovative washer; it uses steam to wash you clothes efficiently. It uses only 145kWh of energy per year and 4690 gallons of water annually on average.

LG WM2487HRMA 27in Washing Machine Front Load

Great Cleaning Abilities
According to my mom, the cleaning power of this machine is super. It turns off-colored white garments into pristine white after the first wash. The great thing that she loved about this is that it even removes old stains out of clothes. That’s what I call amazing.

If you have allergies (or if your kids have them) do consider buying this washing machine. The steam feature of this washing machine combined with its allergen remover features is great if you need to sanitize your clothing or bedding. The high temperature of the steam kills all allergen and bacteria to make your clothes more clean and fresh.

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It leaves clothes almost dry
The LG WM2487HRM boast a 13,000 rpm spin cycle that would leave your laundry dry or almost dried. My mother hardly use the dryer anymore if she’s washing her regular light load laundry. As for heavy laundry, like blankets, she would only pop them in the dryer for at most, 15 minutes.

Despite the speed of the spin cycle, the laundry that comes out of this machine does not come out overly wrinkled or twisted. This is definitely a plus for my mom, for she is not keen on ironing clothes.

Quiet and Reasonably Timed
Although there are some significant number of owners that complains about the machine sounding like a helicopter, I did not find it intrusively loud at all. The washer itself vibrates rather violently but it does not travel around the floor.

As for the time it takes to complete the preset washing cycles, I find it reasonably fast. A speed cycle would take you about 20 to 25 minutes to complete. At most, the washing machine will only takes no more than an hour and a half to complete an extensive cycle.

I have to say that at $1129 from Amazon, the LG WM2487HRM is a splurge household item. However, the ability of this washer makes it a great investment for the household.

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