Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ washing machine

The Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ has a super load capacity of 4.7 cubic feet and a Tier III Energy Star rating. To provide long lasting performance, Maytag had it manufactured with a commercial capacity direct drive motor and a commercial grade stainless steel wash basket and glass window.

Maytag MVWB750WQ 5.0 CF Washing Machine

Reasonable Cycle Time
I first used this washing machine while I was looking after my neighbor’s kids – they were old enough to stay by themselves but not to take care of their laundry and meals. I find the time it takes to run the preset washing cycles to be reasonable. I like that it took less time because I can run an extra cycle to thoroughly clean the kids’ soiled sports clothes.

The machine also cuts drying time into half. The spin cycle is amazingly fast that the clothes come out half dried from the washer.

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Adjustable Cycles
The preset settings are great by themselves but if you feel like customizing your own wash cycle, you can easily do that with this washer. You can just do about anything with a touch of a button on this machine; you can change the water temperature for a soak cycle from cold to hot or changing the wash action for the color cycle.

You can also customize your Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ to use more or less water for each cycle. So if you feel like the load is to ‘bulky’ for the current preset water level, you can actually change this.

No Stink Issue
With front loaders, there is always an issue with bad odor because the rubber seal on the door accumulates dirty water if you leave it uncleaned. With this washer however, there is no huge rubber seal that would allow mold and mildew to grow. The best thing is that this washer also have a clean washer cycle that you can run to wash the drum of the machine.

To sum everything up, as a mom, I would recommend the Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ washing machine whole-heatedly.

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