Samsung washing machine WF218ANW

The Samsung WF218ANW features Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) Technology which makes it quiet and suitable for a second floor installation. I find it easy to use and further thrilled that it leaves my clothes clean and fresh.

Samsung Washer Front Load Steam, 1100 RPM 4.0 Cu Ft. – Neat White

High-capacity Washing Drum
This 4.0 cubic feet, stainless steel washer boast the capability to allow you to wash a king size comforter. This means that you can do fewer laundry loads, saving both energy and water in the process. Its cleaning power is awesome and it extracts water well out of the laundry, which means the drying time is cut down.

The washing machine is Energy Star certified as it uses very little electricity. It also use just the right amount of water needed to properly wash your laundry. This way you can save a lot on energy and water consumption.

Various Cycle Options
10 separate wash cycles, four spin speeds and four temperature settings – what more can I wish for? The Samsung WF218ANW not only have that, it also features a special Woolmark wash cycle. Now, you can wash your machine washable Woolmark products according to the garment’s washing instructions with ease.

The digital controls on the washer is also great. You will be able to set your machine to start at a convenient time for you or for when the electricity rates are lower. The digital timer also helps in keeping your time in check. You can also set your signals to inform you when a cycle is done with pleasant musical tunes. Gone are the days of annoying buzzing.

As amazing as this washing machine is, the only qualms that I have is that the musty odors that develops over time. But I guess this is common with front loading washing machines. There are also some reports by owners that say that, even though it is reliable, this Samsung does take some time to get repaired in their area.

If you’re in the market for a washing machine, the Samsung WF218ANW is a great buy. This full packed washing machine comes with my highest possible recommendation when it comes to efficiency. Amazon is selling this model $799 and I just love how reliable their delivery is.

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