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Buying a washing machine is a complicated task – there is so much choice. We have put together this little guide to help you decide what is “the best washing machine” for your purposes. There is no definitive overall best washing machine as you will need to identify the best washing machine for your needs and budget. Hopefully you will find our website a useful resource to help you compare washing machines from different suppliers and so choose the best washing machine for your home.


Generally speaking, when buying a washing machine, the more expensive it is, the better it will be (you get what you pay for). We do our best to compare washing machines from the top UK online retailers and list the cheapest of each particular model, but you will still find that the more expensive machines will have far more features. Whilst a more expensive washing machine may cost more to purchase, the savings on water, electricity and time may be considerable.

Spin Speed

Simply put, the faster the spin speed, the dryer your washing will be at the end of the washing cycle – hence the shorter the drying time on the washing line or in the tumble dryer. It is generally recommended to choose a washing machine that spins at more than 1000 revolutions per minute (rpm). A higher spin speed usually indicates better spin efficiency in terms of amount of water extraction. There are machines with variable spin speed where you can adjust it manually to suit the type of fabric you are washing. If you are going to use a tumble dryer it is useful to have good spin efficiency to be more economical with drying time.

The higher the spin speed the shorter the overall time spent washing – so if you have a lot of washing in your household, a higher spin speed will me you will be able to do more washing in the same amount of time.

Typical drying times taking into account the spin speed of the washing machine.

1000rpm 90 mins**
1200rpm 80 mins**
1600rpm+ 70 mins**

*All figures are based on a typical washing machine using a standard 5Kg cotton wash load
**To dry in a vented tumble dryer

Electricity and Water consumption

The electricity consumption depends on the temperature of your washes as well as the amount of water used. If you can connect your water inlet to the hot water supply – this will save a lot of electricity and also prolong the life of you washing machine as the internal water heater will not need to do so much work.

Aim to chose a model with low water use since both the water and the heating of the water are expensive. A model that is low in water consumption also uses less detergent, which means less pollution. There are programs that adjust the water use according to the load, which prevents unnecessary waste of water and detergent for small loads. This is both economic and environmentally friendly.

Cost of running

In response to more environmentally friendly attitudes manufacturers of washing machines have developed low energy and water consuming models. Washing machines manufactured 10 years ago use twice the amount of water and energy compared to modern machines.

Cheaper Electricity

Changing to a new model may save significantly on running costs both for water and electricity. Electrolux calculated that a Swedish household would save approximately £ 100 per year by updating to a new washing machine (Metro, 12 Jan, 2000). It is also worth considering shopping for cheaper electricity suppliers. We recommend Telecom plus plc as they offer the cheapest domestic electricity in the UK. Visit their website here.

Newtech is also well known for best Whirlpool washing machine service in Chennai.

Performance (efficiency)

All machines are graded from ‘A’ to ‘E’ for Wash performance, Energy efficiency and Spin efficiency with “A-Grade” being the best in each area. For the best of the best – look out for “AAA-Grade” models.

Wash performance – An “A- Grade” in Wash performance is awarded to machines which give the best wash results and prove to be the most efficient at removing stubborn stains.

Energy Efficiency – An “A-Grade” Energy Efficient machine will save you money by using less water and electricity.

Spin efficiency – Machines given an “A-Grade” for spin efficiency will reduce drying time by extracting more water from your wash than other machines. It is mandatory to do washing machine service in regular manner.

Washing machine Size & Models

When choosing a washing machine you should consider the amount of washing you normally do and how much space you have for the machine. Check the measurements of the washing machine and consider if it is best to have a machine that you feed from the front or from the top.

Smaller washing machines (3-4 kg) may have a smaller range of programs and fewer options but be convenient if you have limited space. A full size machine (5-6 kg) will often have more options and be better if you have more laundry to do and can afford the space.

Large capacity washing machines are useful for washing bulky items like duvets and bath towels but you should also be aware that washing smaller loads in a large drum will reduce creasing and make ironing easier.

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