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This WVD2452BGB Bosch washer dryer lets you wash and dry you laundry all in one place, without waiting for the sun to come out. With helpful programs, such as Super Quick 15 and the Reduced ironing, this model is bound to make your life easier.

Wise electrical – smart ways to spend your money

Look out for the ‘energy saving recommended’ logo on electrical appliances, it’s a sign from the Energy Saving Trust that these products are the way forward for those in the ‘green’ party. It’s official, we’re all starting to care more about our planet and whether this is down to the fact that we’re force fed scary global warming statistics on a daily basis, we can’t get away from allegedly green advertising or we really have become a nation of socially responsible people doesn’t really matter – whatever it’s down to, it can only be a good thing.

Companies are profiting from our new found ecological conscience that’s for sure, but companies have been profiting from doom, gloom and potential disaster for as long as humans have inhabited the earth so there’s no reason why they should stop now. And if it’s profit for the environment as well as their accounts, it’s all good.

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Don’t believe everything you read though, it’s time to do your own research into buying that new washing machine, dishwasher or other essential household appliance. Some companies will convince you that theirs is more economical, that it will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, but check out the small print as industry standards can be a tad misleading.

For example, energy ratings are given to washing machines based on their performance at 60 degrees and not at 40 degrees or any other temperature. As a result, manufacturers ensure that performance is energy economical at that temperature. But is rating relevant now that we are so used to washing at 40 degrees or lower? Independent surveys are available online and these, as well as customer reviews, are the places to go for impartial results, energy usage and performance, as well as what it could or will save you on your household water, gas and electricity bills.

Think about what really is essential to you, if there are two of you living in one house, do you really need a huge fridge freezer that is more than half empty for most of the time? The same goes for the load capacity of a washing machine and finally, could you live without a dishwasher or tumble dryer altogether – is it more of a luxury than a necessity?

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Of course, buying electrical appliances online is now big business and means that you can bag yourself an incredible deal if you’re prepared to search around. The big brands such as Bosch, Beko and Zanussi are constantly competing with each other to provide the best product at the lowest price and make a real household name for themselves – the key to spending money wisely is time, time researching, reading reviews and comparing products – time and money well spent.

There are plenty of energy saving and eco-friendly electrical appliances now available such as fridge freezers and washing machines that could help you save money on your bills.

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