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LG GWL207FBQA American Fridge Freezers in Black

LG GWL207FBQA fridge freezer is available in three different versions for the exteriors – glossy black, platinum silver and brushed steel. You can check out all three models and buy the one that suits your interiors the best. The manufacturer sent me a glossy black model in my labs for review and it has pretty cool looks. The chassis is glossy but it doesn’t attract any fingerprints no matter how often you touch it. This home appliance is great if you have kids at your home.

LG GWL207FBQA has an ice dispenser on the door and there is also a button for choosing between chilled water and cubed ice. Control panel is user-friendly and it is easy to clean too. The panel shows you temperature for the freezer and fridge. The temperature can be altered from here itself and you don’t need to open the doors of the appliance. The panel has discrete button called Express Freeze which is meant to be used if you have plenty of fresh food that you need to chill quickly. Express Freeze drastically lowers the temperature of the interiors. The new food gets cooled quickly and there is no damage done to the food that is already inside the appliance.

LG GWL207FBQA also comes with child lock option on the control panel. Water filter is located inside the home appliance and hence you lost some space inside. That said, the refrigerator capacity is 159 liters and this is enough for a lot of users. The control panel also tells you when you need to change the filter. The shelves inside are made for tempered glass materials and they don’t break even if you drop it accidentally while cleaning. On the bottom, there is a drawer basket through which you can properly separate the food.

LG GWL207FBQA door has three big shelves for storing food like fish finger, or stuff that is ready to eat. There is another handy shelf for storing ice lollies. The manufacturer provides separate space for ice cream storage. This home appliance is totally frost free and hence you don’t have to worry about defrosting it frequently.

In the refrigerator compartment, there is a big storage capacity of 349 liters which is good for even big sized families. On the side, there is digital sensor which monitors the temperature constantly and adheres to the limit that you have selected.

LG GWL227HBYA Black American Fridge Freezer

LG GWL227HBYA has a fantastic piano black finish which makes it look very stylish. The bar handles in the centers add to the aesthetic appeal to the refrigerator. It is recommended not just for large families but also for anyone who loves contemporary appliances that will make a statement in your kitchen. For controlling the appliance, there is a soft touch LED display available. You can control the freezer and the refrigerator temperature.

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There is also Express Freeze available for lowering the temperature inside quickly when you are placing new food inside. So once you have come back from the super market and you want to preserve the texture, nutrients, flavors, and texture of the food that you’d be placing inside. The freezer will be doing this at the same as cooling the food you already have inside. There is also the child lock feature on the refrigerator which will keep the children from playing with the appliance.

There is the light here for clear visiblitiy of the water and ice dispenser and there is also something called no plumbing which is the key feature of this refrigerator. You don’t need to plumb it in to the mains, there is a tank available in the appliance for this where you can fill it from the water in the tap or a bottle of your favorite water from the supermarket.

There are different types of water and ice available here – there is cubed ice, crushed ice (which is excellent for dinner parties if you are serving cocktails) and water. The latter is good for children if they want to help themselves to a fresh glass of water. Inside the refrigerator, there is a huge 300 liters of storage capacity. The water tank is located on the bottom and there are lots of other handy storage features available here too.

There are four safety glass shelves which are made to be durable and long lasting. This glass won’t shatter if you drop it on the ground accidentally. In the center, there is a drawer available for storing cakes or items that you make sandwiches with like slices of bread, turkey and ham. If you are making sandwiches, you can simply take the drawer out of the home appliance. This refrigerator also has two large compartments available and both of them come with humidity control which lets you control the amount of moisture.

LG GWB207FLQA Silver American Fridge Freezers

LG GWB207FLQA is available in brushed steel and black and there is also a platinum version that I got in my labs for review. The appliance looks really modern and the body doesn’t attract a lot of fingerprints. The bar handle too is really solid. The doors close automatically and so you won’t be leaving it open accidentally. On the door, there isn’t any ice or water dispenser but there is a control panel which is really easy to wipe and clean. It is very user friendly too.

This control panel on the LG GWB207FLQA lets you modify the temperature of the cavity inside from minimum all the way to the maximum. There is also a child lock option which can be activated if you have kids in the house; they won’t be able to mess with the temperature. There is another button on this control panel called Express Freeze. This is ideal if you have a lot of unfrozen food that you want to add in the freezer.

Express Freeze dramatically drops the temperature inside the cavity of LG GWB207FLQA and hence the new food will be frozen quickly. This will help to maintain the texture and flavor. It also means that the rest of the food inside the freezer won’t be adversely affected by rising temperatures.

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Lack of ice and water dispenser on the lid gives you extra space inside the freezer. Inside, the freezer has 178 liters of space and it is distributed across four glass shelves. On the bottom, there are two baskets. The door two has five shelves and I would recommend you to keep food like ready meals, fish fingers, etc. There is also an ice cube tray along with an ice box which means you do have space to store the ice even though there is no dispenser on the door.

LG GWB207FLQA is a frost free freezer which means you won’t have to spend time de-frosting it. This makes it really easy to look after. On the refrigerator side, there is plenty of storage space too. Opening the fridge, I realized that there are not a lot of techie gadgets related stuff as I have seen on other models. But it still manages to keep the food inside cold and this is all you need in such a home appliance. The refrigerator has a huge amount of storage capacity inside and you get to store a lot of food.

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