LG GWB207FLQA Silver American Fridge Freezers in Chennai

LG GWB207FLQA is available in brushed steel and black and there is also a platinum version that I got in my labs for review. The appliance looks really modern and the body doesn’t attract a lot of fingerprints. The bar handle too is really solid. The doors close automatically and so you won’t be leaving it open accidentally. On the door, there isn’t any ice or water dispenser but there is a control panel which is really easy to wipe and clean. It is very user friendly too.

This control panel on the LG GWB207FLQA lets you modify the temperature of the cavity inside from minimum all the way to the maximum. There is also a child lock option which can be activated if you have kids in the house; they won’t be able to mess with the temperature. There is another button on this control panel called Express Freeze. This is ideal if you have a lot of unfrozen food that you want to add in the freezer.It is mandatory to do LG Fridge service in Chennai for every 6 months.

Express Freeze dramatically drops the temperature inside the cavity of LG GWB207FLQA and hence the new food will be frozen quickly. This will help to maintain the texture and flavor. It also means that the rest of the food inside the freezer won’t be adversely affected by rising temperatures.

Lack of ice and water dispenser on the lid gives you extra space inside the freezer. Inside, the freezer has 178 liters of space and it is distributed across four glass shelves. On the bottom, there are two baskets. The door two has five shelves and I would recommend you to keep food like ready meals, fish fingers, etc. There is also an ice cube tray along with an ice box which means you do have space to store the ice even though there is no dispenser on the door.

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LG GWB207FLQA is a frost free freezer which means you won’t have to spend time de-frosting it. This makes it really easy to look after. On the LG refrigerator side, there is plenty of storage space too. Opening the fridge, I realized that there are not a lot of techie gadgets related stuff as I have seen on other models. But it still manages to keep the food inside cold and this is all you need in such a home appliance. The refrigerator has a huge amount of storage capacity inside and you get to store a lot of food.

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