Common washing machine problems

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Washing machine problems

The Washer doesn’t drain

  • The drain part is clogged with a small item of clothing, residual gunk or other debris.
  • The washer is not working and not engaging the drain/spin cycle properly. It may visible with an error code – check with your product manual or give the manufacturer a call to clarify what this refers to. The drain pump is broken.

The washer door wont unlock

Front load washing machine need to stay tightly sealed during operation. It is not until the end of the wash part that the machine will unlock automatically. Though, sometimes a front load machine will display error and remain locked, trapping clothes and water in the machine.Here is the tips for “How to fit a Bosch washing machine door seal

How to pause my washer

It may look blatantly, but we have all done it – we have all forgotten to clean something important, or left something important in our pocket when doing the laundry.

The washing machine smells

When the Washing machine gets dirty and mouldy over time. That same time the smell is then transferred onto our clothes, and we having to waste time for washing them again.

A basic washing machine clean includes running a cycle while the machine is empty, allowing water and cleaning solution to run through the nooks and crannies. Nowadays, the latest machines also feature a dedicated Drum Clean cycle, or you can use a Hot Cycle as an alternative.

Washer tripping the fuse box

If somewhere fault in the motor or a leak, and the water is getting where the power should be. If the motor overheats when the machine gets overloaded.

The washing machine keeps jumping around

When the washing machine is loaded and come back later to find the machine has somehow danced across your spinning. But this is a good chance your washer is off-balance.

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