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Washing machine is a time-saver for people and the easiest working appliances in our homes. Meanwhile they are not cheap and repairing them will get costlier also, you must make your best possible efforts to keep your washing machine in good condition. Nowadays three different kinds of washing machines come in market and in this article we explained the cleaning process and maintain tips to you. Sree service is well known for best home appliances repair and service in Chennai,India

Tips to clean a top-load washing machine

Step 1 : Open the door when you remove your clothes and allow your washer to dry out completely when you are not using it. This helps in preventing mold from rising in your washing machine

Step 2 : Take a cloth and small volume of liquid antibacterial soap to clean inside area of your top load washing machine.

Step 3 : Clean up any dirt, spills, and dirt from your machine’s exterior and from the door jamb with a damp cloth and delicate soap.

Tips: Clean the fill hoses on your machine each 5 years. It’s a good idea to label your fill hoses, showing the date you replaced them.

Tips to clean a front-load washing machine

Step 1 : Keep the door open when you remove your garments with a front-loading washing machine and allow it to dry out completely once you’re not using it. 

Step 2 : Just clean the washer door by wiping it down with a damp cloth. You can able to use a little quantity of vinegar to remove any gunk settled downwards.

Step 3 : Clean the door closure. Simply pull back the seal between the door gap and therefore the drum, and check for foreign objects; remove anything you find. After that, check for dirt or stains what are build-up. Clean and inspect them both, since hair, grime, and objects will bog down in several places.

Step 4 : Sanitize your detergent tray and clean it. Take the tray separately and dip it in hot water and mild soap for almost twenty minutes.

Step 5 : Clean the inside of the washing machine. For example, most highly efficient washing machines have either a “cleaning cycle”.

Tips : It’s finest to use highly efficient detergent and to avoid overwhelming an excessive amount of detergent, as this will be because excess build up. Finally, use hot water sporadically, as hot water will help in controlling soil and detergent build up.

Tips to clean a smart washing machine

Step 1 : Clean the device panel with a wet cloth.

Step 2 : Take a filter on your water hose from where water is coming in your washing machine? Don’t to scrub it out once or double a year. To do so, soak the filter in water till it’s clean. Then let the filter to dry completely.

Step 3 : Well clean the dispensers. Clean the inserts in heat water to get rid of traces of accumulated detergent and various laundry product. Next that, clean the recess with a toothbrush to get rid of the residue. Lastly, provide the inside a wipe down with a damp cloth to get rid of any larger residue.

Step 4 : Allow to run the self-clean cycle. Some of the self-clean cycles will provide you with a linked indicator light that activates once the washing machine senses it has to be clean. You can able to typically turn the self-clean cycle when you would like. Ensure you should be read your instruction manual carefully to look out precisely how you’re alleged to use the clean mode. Self-clean cycles are commonly designed to figure while not a clean-up agent, so don’t add anything to the washer before you start.

Tips: Wipe out the outside of stainless-steel machines utilizing stainless steel cleaner, vinegar, or Windex. After you clean stainless-steel, it’s best to use the grain.


A monthly clean-up will remove any smell that do develop. Many modern models have a special washing marching clean-up cycle. If yours doesn’t, add some liquid or bleach to the dispenser and run a normal cycle with hot water. By following above points activities you will easily be able to enhance your washing machine life.

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