Central air conditioner service

You don’t have enough cool air

Are you having distress to getting cool air in your home? Nowadays, should considering your response before you reply to this. Sometimes you mayn’t think that you have worry with the temperature of the air in your home because you haven’t recognized this problem for what it is.

If you’ve seen that you’re running your air conditioner for longer amounts of time and turning your temperature down, this is the signal that you have a problem with cool air. You can get the required help from AC technician.

You notice Bizarre sounds

Is your air conditioner making noises? You’re going to need an air conditioning professional service centre for your requirements. Odd noises like pounding, banging, squeaking, etc. are problems which should be addressed as soon as possible. We can help you diagnose the problem and fix it fast.

Your Thermostat is inaccurate

Do you sense like your thermostat reading is glaringly inaccurate at times? If your reading is entirely off and you’ve tried to repair that problem with your thermostat itself, the real problem can be together with your air conditioner cooling. Sometimes, an air conditioning problem can manifest in your thermostat. You need a great thermostat for your home. Come to us to help you get it.

Your cooling bills are getting higher

You would have high air conditioning bills even when you’re using your air conditioner on a regular basis. If you’re using your air conditioner cooling as you continuously have and you notice that your system’s air conditioning bills are peaking, then you’ve got an AC efficiency problem on your hands.

You’ve got poor airflow

Have you noticed that you’re getting really poor airflow throughout your home? Maybe you’ve noticed that certain rooms desire they’re not even cooling anymore. If this is an often an issue that you’re experiencing, ensure that you address it earlier than later. You’ll be soon having an air conditioning breakdown on your hands if this is an indication that you’re experiencing.

Please do not wait to schedule your AC repairs

AC, one of the most advanced and neediest appliance to almost every home either its middle class or higher class family, AC is available at affordable prices to everyone who loves to alter the temperature with respect to natural environment. Summer is simply round the corner, and also the time to put in a replacement system is now. founded your consultation today, and let’s begin the method of finding a system for you that’s as affordable because it is reliable. As you’ll be able to see, we leave no stone upturned when it involves air con installations. From installation to AC maintenance and repairs.

Central air conditioners require a high degree of training, knowledge and experience to repair properly. Both of the main components to maintain peak performance and efficiency of your central air conditioning system, schedule an annual inspection, adjustment and cleaning for preventive maintenance with a reputable contractor before the summer months set in.

  • Lubrication of any moving parts such as blower fan motors, fan blades and condenser fan.
  • Verifies refrigerant levels are correct and adds Freon when necessary.
  • Performs various safety checks on the system.
  • Inspects and cleans the evaporator coils.
  • Inspects and adjusts any contractors, wiring and related connections.
  • Inspects and tests capacitors and relays within the system.
  • Verifies the condensate drain is free of obstructions and is draining properly.
  • Cleans the condenser coil.
  • Inspects the outdoor disconnect.
  • Inspects condenser fan motor and blades.
  • Performs an amperage start-up test on the compressor.

AC Repairing and Service is one of the chief in home services required by residential areas as well as provide Air condition repair and services from Sree Service. You can get our services via log in at sreeservice.com or can call us now.

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