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A lot of parts to your air conditioning system that work composed to help it do cooling. Since your evaporator coil to the fans that reduce your cool air through the house, each part of your AC has to work organized and work well to help you achieve the comfort you are looking for. Then there is one part of your system that doesn’t move at all and yet it plays just as important a role in keeping that cool air flowing. We are discussing about your air filter. The AC air filter plays a vital role not only is keeping the air flowing through your system, however also in allowing your system to do its job.

Have you checked your AC Air filter yet

what does the filter do?

The air filter which we tell about here is one that sits in your return air filter. Somewhat than working to filter the air that is entering your home, this filter is made to protect the internal workings of your air conditioner. These are built to capture dust, dirt, or debris in the air being pulled into your system to keep them out.

when do i check change the ac filter?

Your filter is going to get a lot of action during the summertime when your AC is getting the most use. This mentioned which the time before you start using your system and the season right after, spring and fall, are going to be ideal times to look at your filter. Whether you have two duct-based systems, like a central AC and a furnace, we advise checking the filter every one to three months.

While they’re dirty, but how often depends on several factors:

  • The variety of air filter you are using
  • Pets, number and type of pets
  • Occupancy levels of your home
  • Overall air quality, level of air pollution and construction around the home

Commonly, air filters should be replaced as follows:

• Vacation home or single occupant no pets or allergies: 6-12 months

• “Average” suburban home, no pets: 60-90 days

• Keep this stuff in mind when replacing your air filter:

• Have an outsized garbage bag there to contain the dirty filter. Place the unclean filter is must to you remove it. You don’t want all that trapped dust, dirt, and debris to renter the house.

• Make sure you have got several replacement filters available. You don’t want to neglect this important home maintenance task simply because you don’t want to form a visit to Home Depot.

• Before purchasing replacement filters, speak along with your local AC technician about which filer is best for you. you’ll probably purchase a filter with enhance the air filtration within the home. Still, you wish to form sure the filter is compatible first.

• When replacing the filter, vacuum and wipe round the filter area to stay the AC system as clean as possible.

• While you’re at it, confirm there’s a minimum 2-foot clearance round the indoor air handler.

• If you have got a washable filter, clean it once a month and follow manufacturer instructions for cleaning. Consider speaking along with your AC professionals about switching over to disposable filters, which work better and are more convenient.

Hiring a Professional

When your air conditioner needs for regular maintenance, hire a ac professional service technician in Chennai. An experienced technician will find your problems and fix the problems in your AC system. Sree Service, we know that you need to resolve your AC issue by as little cost as possible — and we’re dedicated to serving make that happen.

In addition to talking through factors to check on your own, we offer up-front estimates on every AC repair work, and we offer a flat rate price with no hidden fees. With AC service centre in Chennai, you get effecting, lasting repairs at a fair price, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t wait. Visit fill out the form to your right and talk to an expert today.

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