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If you think of servicing your air conditioner by yourself, you are not the right one to do. While it may be interesting to tune your ac and check it out what is there, it may sometimes lead to bigger errors and potential expenses, if done wrongly.

Are you the one who thinking of doing maintenance by yourself or skipping the ac maintenance altogether, then take a look at some of the benefits when done with a qualified technician from AC service in Chennai. You may get the information and helpful tips got from the internet. But you can’t beat a professional who gets training from certified institutions. It will save your time by doing it right the first time than having to spend for costly repairs after.

All of the professional’s AC technicians are factory-trained, and can ensure that your air conditioner repair is done professionally well and properly the first time itself. Scheduling annual preventive maintenance for your ac is one of the most important things that you can do to prolong its life and its operational efficiency. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit can help to function like new and keep your energy bills consistent over time. Many of the same things done by expertise AC technicians can improve the efficiency of your heating system and also increase the efficiency of your air conditioning.

Signs that your air conditioner need maintenance or repair

  • No power to the air conditioner – Through service it will be able to diagnose the problem and get AC powered back up.
  • Squealing sound from the AC unit – the fan belt may be worn out.
  • If you see refrigerant leak – If there is a hissing sound from your AC, then ii is the sign for refrigerant leak.
  • No blowing air – A defective motor can lead to this issue. If you notice this, turn off your system as the safety measure and give a call to Ac service.
  • Hot blowing air – If warm air is coming out of your vent, this means that the compressor is not functioning properly. Since it is an expensive component of an Air conditioner, you need an expert to do the proper repair.

When it comes to Air conditioner service, explore the trusted services. Check out their reviews and whether they their professionals guarantee to solve your problems once and for all.

Do you want to know of the benefits when you properly servicing and maintaining it?

Just go ahead and read the points below.

  • It has been said that the average lifespan of an air conditioner is from 10 – 20 years. But when you do on time services and maintenance activities, it can last up to 30 years. Moreover, how well the ac service being done has a greater impact on the efficiency of Ac.
  • Whenever you find a problem like noise from AC or hot air blow, don’t leave it overlooked. Nobody will care about something until it stops it functioning. Never make such kind of mistakes. Approaching a professional AC service in Chennai immediately when you notice the problem can increase the performance of your AC.
  • Also if you do regular maintenance and services, you can expect lower electricity bills.
  • You can do periodical inspecting the outdoor unit for damage, and keep the area around the unit free from any of the dust particles.
  • Ensure that your indoor air vents are free of obstructions.
  • If the air filter gets clogged with dust or dirt, it will work harder to produce cool air. This would be hard on the system, raise the utility bills and may even damage the motor. So never make delay to do services at the needed timings.


Our AC service solutions provide fast and reliable services in a very quick time. We know that in this hot summer if your AC stops working, it’s really bad for you.   So if you have any issue with your cooling system, don’t make the delay, contact us immediately. Our expertise technicians can diagnosis and repair your air conditioner perfectly that gives you comfortable for long time. Our attractive price packages will make you think of do your annual maintenance services with us.

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