How to organize your refrigerator properly

Is there everything more satisfying than a structured fridge? Are you eager to get things organized before back to school time is in full swing? To open the fridge door and find that everything is fully stocked and ready to put away has to be one of the best feelings in the world!

To know, how to organize your fridge-freezer might not come to the top of your list, but it should! Your kitchen and the fridge is that much time is spent in any family. Checked out these fridge arrangement ideas to be prepared and help your family function.

Ideas for Your Refrigerator use:

Placing large containers on the shelves

• Using binder clips for bagged foods

• Using an egg tray for sauce bottles

• Storing seasonal greens in Mason jars

• Cleaning a refrigerator without harmful chemicals

• Making a special place for foods that ought to be eaten first

• Labelling every shelf on the refrigerator door

• Making a ‘snack zone’

• Using multi-purpose bins within the freezer

Refrigerator storage tips for dairy, meat and produce

Ensure how raw food to keep fresh in your fridge? In restaurant, raw meats, dairy and other perishables are usually stored on bottom shelves to keep them as cold as possible. You should follow the same in your kitchen. Don’t put cutting up meats in advance – it speeds spoilage – and consider placing meats in glass or plastic containers to prevent juices from leaking onto other foods.

Dairy products like curd, milk, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese must also be stored on lower shelves, with milk placed toward the back. Butter and soft cheeses are an exception – they can go into the dairy section on your refrigerator’s door, or placed in a container and stored in the deli drawer.

When it comes to fresh produce, it’s important to store fruits and vegetables in the proper refrigerator storage sections. Fruits and vegetables are best kept in a high humidity atmosphere, so they should be stored in your fridge’s vegetable, crisper or high humidity drawer.

How to keep other food items fresh

Once you find a place for fresh and ready foods, what about refrigerator storage for your other items? First, start along with your eggs. Eggs need consistent temperatures to stay garden-fresh, therefore the middle shelf is the best place for them. Next, put any deli meats and cheeses into the deli drawer so they stay chilled.

Condiments, nut oils and pasteurized juices can all be stored within the door – while this is often the warmest a part of your fridge, these foods will still be well preserved. If your juice is fresh squeezed, make room for it on the lowest fridge shelf – the cold temperatures will slow fermentation.

As part of your organizing project, you must also make sure your refrigerator appliance is working efficiently to maximize your efforts. Call your Fridge service in Chennai and any repairs you may need to ensure your family’s food supply is safe and up to the challenge.

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