Make Your IFB Washing Machine Last Long

Of course, washing machines are an essential part of your home appliances. Especially, when you own IFB, a world-class premium brand, it is certainly a pride for you. Since it helps in making the cleanliness of the tedious task of washing the clothes, it is an inevitable machine in our daily lives.

Although IFB is a market leader in the front loaders segment, still you should maintain the washing machine well. Despite the fact, that there is reliable IFB washing machine service in Chennai when you need it, your attention also matters.

This guide will take you to the essential tips that care for your washing machine.

A few words about the brand IFB

If you like to give the perfect wash to your clothes, then it is very obvious that you should choose the right brand of a washing machine. IFB is known to be one of the superior brands that let your clothes wash a breeze. Moreover, it is a strong leader in the arena with more than 40% of the market share. It has a very powerful presence in the consumer electronics market.

IFB Washing Machines are well-known for their design, specifications, convenience, and availability of centers for IFB washing machine service in Chennai. Furthermore, the excellent warranty of 4 years for the product and 10 years parts support warranty will make this brand a favorite for most.

Maintaining your IFB washing machine – Tips to know

This technologically advanced world has given numerous devices to make our everyday tasks so simple. Accordingly, we invest significant amounts in such smart machines/devices and bring them home.

Washing machines are one of the important home appliances that have brought a revolution into the washing world. However, just like we spend money, we should also give the necessary care and seek proper IFB washing machine service in Chennai when it is needed. This makes sure that such devices serve us efficiently for a longer period of time.

1. Focus on the cleaning of the machine

Undoubtedly, if you maintain it properly, any machine can perform well at its best. Washing machines are also not an exception in this list. Hence, you should give it the necessary cleaning on a regular basis or as described in the manual. You like it to be efficient. Then it can’t be done without the support of you and the best IFB washing machine service in Chennai.

If you don’t carry out the cleaning process for the machine, it will backfire. Consequently, you will face less cleaning of clothes. Washing machines will have micro-residuals that are left behind by the water that we use for washing. So, without proper cleaning of the machine, they can’t be removed. Besides taking care of the IFB washing machine service in Chennai, washing machine cleaners can also do benefits for you.

2. Ensure the machine is placed at the correct level

It is a common mistake among most to fail to notice whether the washing machine is placed at level or not. This doesn’t only affect the machine but also the floor as well. Since the machine has vibrations during its functions, it will create pressure on the floor. This may even damage the tiles of the floor.

In addition, the pressure may also make the machine move on the floor. This causes damage to the machine also. Most washing machine models come with legs that you can adjust as per your needs. Use legs to fix machines. You can also get the support of IFB washing machine service in Chennai if you are not able to fix it in the right posture.

3. Clean the interiors of the machine

Of course, your washing machine helps to clean your clothes. However, the self-cleaning of some accessories can’t be done by itself. Hence it needs your support. You should carry over regular cleaning of removable lint filters, detachable detergent boxes, etc. Remove them from the machine, clean them and attach it back to the machine. You can read the user manual for this cleaning. Else, you can take the help of IFB washing machine service in Chennai.

If you don’t remove the lint clogs, it will blog the pipe and result in improper washing of clothes. Moreover, the detergent box gets built up over a course of time. Hence, frequent cleaning of it is necessary.

4. Use the right amount of detergent/liquid

It is a misconception among people that the more detergents, the better is the washing. But it is absolutely wrong. If you talk with the professionals at IFB washing machine service in Chennai, they will reveal the truth. Using excess detergent leaves residue. Moreover, it is hard on the washer. Furthermore, it also causes damage to the motor of the machine and pipe also.

Always look at the manufacturer’s instructions for the right washing. Also, you can have a look at the prescribed level of detergent powder/liquid bottle for the right amount.

5. Never overload the machine

You may often have the temptation to push all the clothes in your laundry bag into the washing machine for washing. But, remember, if you give more loads to your machine, you will end up searching for the IFB washing machine service in Chennai. You should not overstuff the machine. If you overload the machine, it is difficult to find the space for tumbling. Furthermore, cleaning becomes difficult.

Ultimately, what you have expected from your top brand washing machine can’t be achieved. Overloading the washing machines that exceed their capabilities often ends up in searching IFB washing machine service in Chennai. Though the experts can fix up the issues, still, effective usage is one of the tips for the long-term efficiency of the machine.

6. Ensure hose for any wear or tear

Typically, washing machines come with three hoses. Two serve as inlets and the other is the outlet. Hoses are liable to wear and tear after a period of time. This may lead to water leaking. Also, it is needed to make sure the inlet of the hose is aligned with the water supply. This ensures there is no water waste or insufficient supply to the machine.

We hope these simple tips help your washing machine run efficiently and give you perfect washes. Prompt care with IFB washing machine service in Chennai when there is any issue gives your machine a good life.

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