Abraham Lincoln’s  best guide, good friend “Sarah Bush Lincoln” –  mother by feeling

Sarah Bush Lincoln (13th December 1788 to April 12, 1869) was Abraham Lincoln’s ( 16th President of the U.S ) stepmother, she was born in Kentucky to Christopher and Hannah Bush. Sarah Bush is a widow with three children.

How Abraham Lincoln was inspired by his Stepmother Sarah Bush

After the death of Abraham Lincoln’s mother Nancy Hanks, a year later his father Thomas Lincoln returned to Kentucky and proposed marriage to widow Sarah BushJohnston, Sarah accepted on condition that her late husband’s debts be paid, Thomas Lincoln was 41 years old and Sarah Bush 31 years old. Together they traveled to the Pigeon Creek settlement in Indiana.

Abraham Lincoln said of his stepmother “She Proved to be a good and kind mother”. Sarah discovered that her new stepson Abraham Lincoln was very intelligent and had a passion for knowledge, fond of reading. Sarah’s possessions included several books, “Aesop’s Fables, Robinson Crusoe, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and Sinbad the Sailor, she gave all the books to Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln’s impression on the Gift from his stepmother

Sarah’s gift left an indelible impression on Abraham, not only the books is priceless treasures to a boy who loved to read on a frontier where books were scarce, but it was an indication to Abraham Lincoln that Sarah would pick up where his mother Nancy Hanks left off in terms of encouraging his quest for knowledge. Both Abraham Lincoln and his stepmother Sarah Bush very soon developed a close relationship that continued for the rest of Abraham Lincoln’s life.

Sarah remembered “His mind and mine, what little it seemed to run together, more is the same, she added other information, vital to future biographers that Lincoln cared little for clothes, also tucked away in her memories, the suppressing physical fact that young lincoln was “ more fleshy in Indiana than ever in Illinois.

Abraham Lincoln “A Model Child” word of appreciation from Sarah Bush

Under Sarah Bush’s guidance, Abraham Lincoln made rapid progress. “He read all the books he could get his hands on”, Sarah recalled and Lincoln was already Practicing writing and speaking at a young age. After hearing Sermons by a local preacher, he would sometimes stand on a stump and almost repeat it word for word. Sarah Bush Lincoln considered her stepson Abraham Lincoln a “Model Child” who was always honest, witty, and “diligent for knowledge”.

“Abe the Best Boy” Sarah’s acknowledgment on her stepson Abraham Lincoln

Sarah Bush Lincoln told William Herndon (Abraham Lincoln’s law Partner) that “Abe was the best boy” I ever saw, “he never gave me a crossword or look, such a disciplined child was Lincoln which impressed his stepmother lovable towards him. Thomas Lincoln viewed his son’s studious ways as a waste of time. Sarah tried to persuade her husband to look more kindly on Abraham’s reading habits, but the distance between father and son only widened.

A stepmother’s Recollection about Abraham Lincoln

Sarah Bush Lincoln was a real mother to the young boy during the hard years in Indiana and throughout Lincoln’s lifetime. Each had a genuine love and respect for the others. One of the last things Lincoln did before leaving Illinois for the “White House” to take up the responsibilities that lay ahead of him was to visit “Mother” as he always called her. Sarah Bush’s recollection of Abraham given below was from a statement made by her to William Herndon on Friday, September 8, in the year 1865 at her humble home 8 miles South of Charleston III.

 “ Abe slept upstairs, went up on Pins stuck in the Logs, like a ladder, our bedsteads were an original creation none the now, made of poles and clapboards. Abe (Abraham Lincoln) was about 9 years of age when I landed in Indiana. The County was wild and desolate. “Abe” was a good boy, he didn’t like physical labor, was diligent for knowledge, wanted to know and if pains and labor would get it, he was sure to get it. He was the best boy I ever saw. 

He read all the books he could lay his hands on, I can’t remember dates nor names, about 75 years of age. Abe read the Bible some though not as much as said, Abraham Lincoln sought more congenial books suitable for his age. I think newspapers were in Indiana As early as 1824 up to 1830 when we moved to Illinois. Abe was a constant reader of them, I am sure of this for the years of 1827,28,29-30. The name of the Louisville Journal seems to sound like one

Abe read his History Papers and other books, loved those best about his own age, played with those under his age, listened to the aged, argued with his equals, but played with the children. Abraham Lincoln loved animals generally and treated them kindly, though Abe treated everybody and everything kindly and humanly, he didn’t care much for crowds of people, he chose his own company, which was always good. He was not very fond of girls as he seemed to me. He sometimes attended church. He would repeat the sermon over again to the children. The sight of such a thing amused all, he did especially tickle the children.

Whenever Abe was reading, my husband took particular care not to disturb him, would let him read on and on till Abe quit of his own accord. He was dutiful to me always, he loved me truly I think.

This was the statement by Mrs.Thomas Lincoln’s Statement to Herdon on 8th September 1865.

A Legendary Sense of Humor – Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the U.S

Lincoln’s Legendary sense of humor was probably influenced by his stepmother. Lincoln recalled that Sarah was a firm but kind-hearted woman who loved to laugh. When he was 18years old, Lincoln at 6’4” was so tall that his head nearly touched the ceiling of the family farmhouse kitchen. His stepmother repeatedly joked that Lincoln was so tall that he needed to keep his hair washed or he’d leave prints on her ceiling. Lincoln decided to have some fun with this idea. One day when his stepmother was not home, Abraham Lincoln got a group of younger boys and had them dip their bare feet in the mud outside the farmhouse kitchen. Then Lincoln took each of the boys inside, held them upside – down, and had them walk them across the ceiling, leaving muddy footprints on her ceiling. Lincoln recalled, she chuckled as she threatened to spark Abraham.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital

This hospital was built in honor of the 16th President Abraham Lincoln’s stepmother Sarah Bush in Coles County, because of her impact on the community. This mother was honored for grooming such an amazing leader to the Nation.

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