Abraham Lincoln’s first Cousins

Most of the Lincolns and Hanks in America are referred to as cousins to Abraham Lincoln. The child of a mother’s sister is the original meaning of the cousin, but Abraham Lincoln’s mother was the only child to her parents, so Lincoln never had direct cousins from his mother side, Lincoln had several relatives who would qualify as first cousins, but none by the name of Hanks, There were some half brother and sisters of Nancy Hanks Lincoln,

Abraham Lincoln’s father had two brothers, Mordecai and Josiah, and two sisters, Mary and Nancy. The children of these uncles and aunts became the first cousins of Abraham Lincoln.

Children of Mordecai and Mary (Mudd) Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

The President’s oldest cousin, son of Uncle Mordecai, the same name as Abraham Lincoln, this Abraham was born in Kentucky on 20th January 1819, married Elizabeth Mudd, daughter of Hezekiah Mudd of Washington County. They had seven children, Priscilla, Pamtclio, Mary Jane, Robert, Hezekiah, Nicholas, and Ellen. Abraham died in the year 1852 at Fountain Green, Illinois.

James Bradford Lincoln

The second son of MordecaiLincoln was born about 1802 in Washington County, Kentucky, married Frances Day, daughter of William and Frances(Childers) Day, in Grayson County, the same state, in the year 1821, they named their first child as Thomas Jefferson Lincoln. The names of their five other children are Elizabeth, Mary Rowena, Emily Susan, James Riley, and Charles Prentis. James Bradford Lincoln died in Hancock County, Illinois, in 1837.

Mordecai Lincoln

The Youngest son of Mordecai and Mary Lincoln was named after his father and was born in 1804 in Washington County, Kentucky, not far from where the parents of President Lincoln were married in 1806. He remained a bachelor all his life and resided in Leitchfield, Kentucky, until 1839, when he joined the rest of the family in Fountain Green, Illinois, where he died in 1867.

Elizabeth Lincoln

Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Mordecai Lincoln, was born in Washington County, Kentucky. She married Benjamin Mudd, son of Charles Mudd, by whom she had 11 children. Their family migrated to Scotland County, Missouri.

Mary Rowena Lincoln

Only a few facts were known about Mary Rowena, daughter of Mordecai Lincoln. She married George Neely, at the time of her death three of her children survived, some of her descendants lived near Memphis, Missouri.

Martha Lincoln

Martha was the youngest daughter of uncle Mordecai Lincoln, she was married to Washington neighbors. Mordecai Lincoln had a grandson named Thomas Jefferson and a son-in-law by the name of Washington, Martha had no children and died at Fountain Green, Illinois.

Children of Josiah and Katherine (Barlow) Lincoln

Barbara, the oldest daughter of Josiah Lincoln, born in 1802, in Washington County, Kentucky, was married in Harrison County, Indiana, in 1819, to John Crutchfield.

Thomas Lincoln

Thomas, the Oldest son of Josiah Lincoln, was born in Washington County in 1806, the year the President’s parents were married in 1826 at Leavenworth, Crawford County., Indiana. he married Sarah Weathers, daughter of Benjamin and Mary(Bullyington) Weathers. They had nine children, Rachel, Benjamin, Mordecai, Jacob, Washington, Warden, Joseph, William, and James, AbrahamLincoln’s cousin, Thomas, probably named for Abraham’s father who died on 26 January 1849.

Elizabeth Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln had two cousins by the name Elizabeth. The daughter of Josiah Lincoln by this name was born about the same time as the President. She was married on 17th July in 1826 to Isom Denton in Harrison County, Indiana. The names of her children are not known.

Nancy Lincoln

This cousin of the President, Nancy, a daughter of Josiah, may have been named Lincoln’s mother. She was born on March 2nd, 1810, and at the age of 17 yrs married John Briscoe of Harrison County, Indiana. They had two sons and four daughters. Nancy Lincoln Briscoe died in Harrison County on 31st July, 1842.

Jacob Lincoln

The Youngest son of Josiah, Jacob Lincoln, was born July 16, 1815, in Indiana, a year before the parents of Lincoln moved to that state. He married Martha Gibbs of Crawford County, November 20, 1839, and later on moved to Wayne County, Missouri. Jacob and Martha had 11 children, Mary, Thomas, William, James, Elizabeth, Jonathrut, Joseph, Matilda, Katherina, Charles, and Rosanna.

Katherine Lincoln

Little is known about the youngest child of Josiah Lincoln, Katherine who was born about 1817 and married in 1836 with John Sullenger in Harrison County, Indiana.

Children of William and Nancy (Lincoln) Brumfield

Mary, the eldest daughter of William and Nancy Brumfield, was born in 1803 in Hardin County, Kentucky. She married Ralph L.Crume, her cousin in 1827, and passed away October 9, 1845, the names of her children are not known.

Elizabeth Brumfield

Elizabeth was born in 1804 in Hardin County, and in 1835 married Johnston. They had two children Lloyd, and Brown, and possibly others.

Susan Brumfield 

There were four Brumfield sisters but no boys in the family. Susan Brumfield is said to have died unmarried.

Children of Ralph and Mary(Lincoln) Crume

Sarah Crume

Sarah is the only daughter of Ralph and Mary Lincoln, for which we have positive evidence. Her father Ralph married twice; both the wives were named Mary. They had many children in the first marriage, no evidence of how many children he had from the second marriage. Sarah married James Hasty had a son Ruben.K

William Crume

William Crume is said to have been the son of Ralph and Mary Crume, who married Louella Jones. They had one son James and may have others. 

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