AC service in Chennai : Air conditioner

There are number of reasons that cause the break of air conditioners. These problems are however, not recognized immediately. The problems are usually perceived only when the temperature of outside air is increased that result in the gradual increase of temperature of room as well. It’s quite normal for an air conditioner to operate, although it blows only the warm air.It is mandatory to do AC service in Chennai for every 6 months. This problem can be solved by cleaning the air conditioning system. 

In order to do this repair one needs not to be a professional mechanic, as this is quite easy to accomplish and is explained as follows. The first step towards its repair is to locate a disconnect panel that resembles a big circuit breaker. Throwing this switch will result in the power down. If there is some confusion then the main circuit breaker should be switched off. A reasonably good idea to test this would be to turn on the fan first and then throw the switch. If the fan is switched off everything is in a proper way up to now. Once you have opened the casing of your air conditioning unit remove the leaves, grass or debris. One is also supposed to remove the safety grill covering the condenser fins. Phoenix air conditioning contractors can be called for help in this regard. 

However, some people are confident to accomplish it by themselves. Fins should be brushed off with some sort of sturdy brush. The casing at the top of the air conditioning system can be removed by unscrewing it and if a fan is also attached to it then you are required to take care of two things. First, the wires should remain connected with and second is that the connections should not get wet. After the completion of this process one is required to connect all the parts in the same way as they were connected earlier.

 The circuit should be activated and the temperature of unit should be set to a considerably lower temperature. After turning on the unit it should operate in a normal way. If this is not the case then make sure that the temperature is set to a lower value and thermostat is pointing to cool. In some cases the air conditioning unit does not operates due to certain reason. If this happens it is always recommended to consult Phoenix Heating and Air Company so that the system could be examined by the professional experts.

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