Fridge service in Chennai 

Refrigerator is present in all homes and it is a necessary appliance that is used to preserve food materials. Refrigerator repair is often necessary, whenever it goes out of order. Condenser is the heart of the refrigerator and it is responsible for the proper working of the refrigerator. Following are the symptoms that are observed in the malfunctioning of the refrigerator. Sree Service is well known for best fridge service in Chennai.

Leaking Issue

The leaking issue is often encountered due to the faulty water inlet valve. Almost 27 % of the customers face this problem and it is a major issue after all. We can assist you best in this field and resolve the problem of leaking in one service call.

Ice Maker Issue

Often the ice maker do not make ice. Inspection of the water filled tubes and the water inlet valves are to be done to see the problem in detail. Of course, it is not the job of a layman and our expert team can best resolve the problem.

Fridge too Warm

The fridge may become too warm and the normal operation is hampered. The air inlet damper may be affected and this might be one of the reason for being too warm. Our experts will assist you the best in such a situation. So, hurry up and give us a call so that we can assist you the best.

Not Dispensing Water

At times the water dispenser of the refrigerator does not dispense the water properly. The water inlet valve or the dispenser actuator may be affected due to which the problem is encountered. The best solution is provided by our expert team members, who are devoted enough in their job when they attain the service call.

Freezer Becomes too Warm

The freeze or the freezer become too hot due to the malfunctioning of the defrost timer, defrost heater, as well as the defrost thermostat. The malfunctioning of the machine is best detected by the technicians as we believe that our group of technicians has never failed to detect and resolve this type of issues.

In addition to these set of problems there are other issues related to refrigerator malfunctioning where you may need our help. The following irregularities are mentioned here:


  • Door Sweating
  • Light Not Working
  • Too Cold
  • Runs too Long


These are the basic set of problems that are encountered by the user of the refrigerator. We are known to provide a fast hand resolution to the problem and fix the issue at the earliest. You can call us for any such enquiry related to the refrigerators and we will make you feel the level of comfort that we provide in our service.

You can trust our home appliance services to quickly diagnose and fix your Refrigeration problem:


- Trained technicians service all major brands refrigerators and freezers.

- We repair from the latest in high tech to the oldest equipment.

- Repair trucks are stocked with factory-replacement parts and we repair most refrigerator/freezers on first visit.

- 24-hour services for refrigeration emergencies.

- Recover and recycle Freon refrigerants of all kinds.

- Expert at retrofitting old refrigerator/freezer units to make them Energy Star compliant/green friendly.

- Specialize in finding stubborn freon leaks.

- No job is too small or too large for Appliance Services. From small under-counter refrigerators/freezers & ice makers to huge walk-in coolers or refrigerators/freezers.


We repair all major brands of fridge, freezer or refrigerator. People while using the freezers or refrigerators which are encounter these several problems. Simply call and let us fix the stove or oven problem and return your freezer or refrigerator to new working condition. We repair from the latest in high tech freezer or refrigerator to the oldest equipment on first visit.

We have trained technicians for all major brands as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Godrej, IFB & Onida

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