How Tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet

Abraham Lincoln was the tallest President of U.S, he was the 16 President, tallest among all, Abraham Lincoln’s height was 6 feet and 4 inches, exceedingly tall and muscular but by no means fleshy, weighted about 180 pounds, had long dangling limbs, rather sunken chest. Lincoln had black hair, was grey at the temples while he was president, his eyes were grey, the left is being slightly higher than the right, with an admiration of “How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet with his top hat”.

How tall Abraham Lincoln in Office by a Journalist

“Long Pendulous Arms” was an exclamation by a Journalist when Abraham Lincoln was at office., height wasn’t Lincoln’s only distinguished physical characteristic, while he was in office , a journalist described the President as “long pendulous arms and hands, remarkably mentioning “How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet” an extraordinary dimensions far exceeding in proportion by his feet. These unique descriptions led doctors to wonder if Lincoln perhaps had  “Marfan Syndrome ”, a relatively rare genetic condition that was first identified decades after this politician’s death.

Towering Height – First and Foremost President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S.President was the tallest President ever many Americans, still associate the 16th President as “First and Foremost with his Towering Height Standing 6 feet 4 inches. Lincoln to this day is the tallest President ever, edging out Lyndon Johnson by a full inch.

On the views of an Ohio Physician

An Ohio physician first suggested in 1962 that Lincoln may have had “Marfan Syndrome” noting that the former President’s mother was also exceptionally tall and lanky according to clinical correlations.

Height that brings Victory

Height and Victory goes hand in hand in the President Election of American history. Record of the heights of the Presidents of the United States, have an astonishing reputation “How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet” derives in  evaluating the role of height in Presidential Election,  some observed that the taller of the two candidates tends to prevail and argue, this is due to Public’s preference for taller candidate.

Folk wisdom about U.S Presidential Politics holds that the taller of the two major party candidates always win or almost always wins since the advent of the televised Presidential debate.

“I am in height 6 feet and 4 inches” by Abraham Lincoln in his Auto – Biography

In his second Auto – Biography, Abraham Lincoln mentioned, if any personal description of me is thought desirable, it may be said, “I am in height, 6 feet and 4 inches nearly, lean in fleshy weighting on an average one hundred and eighty pounds, dark completion, with coarse black hair and grey eyes, no other brands or marks recollected.

An Iconic in American History

Abraham Lincoln’s thin stature, beard and Top Hat, made him aesthetically iconic in American history, as dressing up as Lincoln is a popular costume for costume events.

Proof of Photos and facts says “How tall was Abraham Lincoln at the time of his death”

Abraham Lincoln was well known for his very characteristic and recognizable appearance. Photos and facts about Lincoln tell us, “ How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet” with a thin build. While records say his father was only 5 foot and 10 inches, Abraham Lincoln grew to the rather astounding height of 6 feet, 5 inches, a height that was exceptionally tall in his time in the 1800 s, still considered very tall today. Lincoln had shrunk to about 6 foot and 4 inches at the time of his death which is typical as a human’s age.

How tall was Abraham Lincoln with his Stovepipe Hat

Interestingly Abraham Lincoln’s height was deceiving often, he did not appear tall when he was seated. Since he had an average torso and very long legs, he was as tall as an average man while sitting down. Abraham Lincoln’s height appeared even taller, because he liked to wear a Stovepipe Hat. often using the hat to carry and store things like notes and letters.

Abraham Lincoln’s Body Characteristics

– Lincoln’s body characteristics distinguished him from other men of his time.
– His skin was darker than white, and cannot be identified in many pictures since the pictures of the era were black & white.
– His hands and feet were quite big as well, which is frequently the case with very tall people.
– His head was bigger than the average person’s head.
– His shoulders were stopped.
– Some comment him  “ How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet”, unusual looking person, had a distinctively shaped beard with no mustache, as was typical in the day, and he had a mole, wore a bow-tie

Appearance beyond his age and Height beyond his time

Lincoln’s face was extremely defined, he had heavy eyebrows, defined nose, high cheekbones and thick lips. He had one of the most recognizable faces of all U.S Presidents. Early in his life, Lincoln started to develop wrinkles on his face, perhaps making him appear older than he actually was; some described his skin as leathery due to both the wrinkles and its dryness, but a massive attraction drawn towards his height as “ How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet”gained a collective impression of the people.

Lincoln was 6 feet & 4 inches tall, raw boned and lanky, but muscular and strong. He spoke with a backwoods twang and walked with a long striding gait. He was known for his skill in wielding an axe and early made a life spitting wood for fire and rail fencing.

“He was large of his age” describes “How Tall was Abraham in his Childhood”

As a child, Lincoln was tall, describing himself as “though very young, he was large of his age”. He reached his adult height of 6 feet and 4 inches no later than age 21, weight although well-muscled as a young adult, always thin, an impressive height, Lincoln was still the tallest President in U.S history, claiming a reputation as “How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet” barely beating Lynclon B Johnson at 6 feet & 3.5 inches.

Hats and Heights are the Remarkable Remembrance of ‘ the Man – Honest Abe

Hats were important to Abraham Lincoln, they protected him against inclement weather, served as storage bins for important documents, further accentuated his great height, advantage over other men.

The Top Hat , he habitually wore in public made him taller still, couldn’t miss him in a crowd, the 16th President wore the top hat in war and peace, on the stump and in Washington on occasions formal and informal, gained popularity as “How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet and height”,he wore it even on the night he was assassinated.

Likely a descendant of the 17th century Steeple or SugarLoaf hat, which was in turn influenced by the headgear work by soldiers, the top hat gained in popularity until by the 1800 s says Debbie Heriderson in her book. The Top Hat – An illustrated History, “It had become the irrespressize symbol of prestige and authority.

Harold Holzer – Biographer view on Top Hat of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln gave his famous speech at the Cooper Institute in Newyork in February in 1860, As the biographer Harold Holzer points out Lincoln, the very day of his speech, bought a new top hat from Knox Great Hat and Cap at 212 Broadway, his suit fit poorly, his boots hurt his feet, but when he gave his speech in his stone pipe says Holzer”at least he would look taller than any man in the City”. Acknowledging  the height and hat as a symbol of prestige and authoritative which explains exceedingly “How tall was Abraham Lincoln in feet with his Top hat”.

Hat that saved the President (Abraham Lincoln)

In August 1864, Lincoln was on horseback on his way to the soldiers home, about 3 miles northeast of the White House, where he had the use of a stone cottage in the summer months., an assassin fired from near the road, shooting the stove pipe of Lincoln’s head. Soldiers who found it  said there was a bullet hole through the crown, this incident gave rise to the popular notion  that the “Hat Saved the President Abraham Lincoln’s Life”.and “How tall was Abraham Lincoln  in feet restoring his safety with his top hat.”.

His Trademark – Hat and the Height is the Trademark of Abraham Lincoln

“Too tall a target” the better surmise is that the hat made Lincoln easy to spot in a crowd. In July 1864, at the Battle of Fort Stevens, he stood in the battlements wearing his trademark Hat – making him in Carl Sandburg’s phrase “Too tall a Target for the confederates, until warned by a Union Officer to get down.

Nowadays we have trouble envisioning Lincoln without his top hat, but how he began wearing it remains unclear. Early in his political career, historians tell us Lincoln probably chose the hat as a gimmick. In those days he was rarely seen without his stove pipe , the traditional seven or eight inch high hat that made the gentleman look taller, who has been wearing since early in the century.

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