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Ductless Air Conditioner

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Even though some of you might not be aware about the term ductless air conditioner, a normal air conditioner is something which has become a household term these days. With soaring temperatures and a change in the global climate and weather, the need for a good quality air conditioning unit has transformed from luxury to ….  Read More

Newtech For Air Conditioner Service

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Your Future in Cool Air Conditioning is so blazing bright that I have to wear these styling shades. Mention this web site and your owner occupied air conditioner service call will be free, that’s right, no charge for coming to your home. Save Money Today On Air Conditioning Repairs: We’ll fix it right the first ….  Read More

Air conditioning system overview

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Basic functions of any air conditioner include: Turning air conditioner on and off;Selecting operation mode;Adjusting air flow direction.You can operate your air conditioner by pressing the buttons on the remote control or using buttons on the indoor unit. Auto mode of the air conditioner allows automatically set the temperature and fan speed depending on the ….  Read More