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Washing machine service tips

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Washing machine is a time-saver for people and the easiest working appliances in our homes. Meanwhile they are not cheap and repairing them will get costlier also, you must make your best possible efforts to keep your washing machine in good condition. Nowadays three different kinds of washing machines come in market and in this ….  Read More

Whirlpool Washing Machine Parts

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If you are going to use the appliance parts for the initial time, then do consider various factors. There exist seven steps for making proper use of the whirlpool washing machine parts and ordering it. As an initial step, find the model number of your machine. Then look for your washer. Also recognize the section ….  Read More

How to buy best washing machines

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Where to begin. Buying a washing machine is a complicated task – there is so much choice. We have put together this little guide to help you decide what is “the best washing machine” for your purposes. There is no definitive overall best washing machine as you will need to identify the best washing machine ….  Read More

Speed Queen Washing Machine

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This review deals with the advantages of the Speed Queen washing machine. The Speed Queen washing machine is currently the best new commercial appliance available in the market. It includes a number of exciting features designed to build quite a good impression with the customers and a high rating. With such great features, the Speed ….  Read More

Top washing machine – What Is The Best Deal?

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With the wide range and variety of washing machines available in the market, the question that comes to our mind is – What is the best washing machine that can suit our purpose? Usually the washing machine belongs to a group of consumer appliances which is usually bought at a slightly higher price than the ….  Read More

Commercial Washing Machines

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Usually for household needs, commercial washing machines might prove to be an added expenditure. But for any work related to business or industry requirements, the commercial type scores over the simple one fitted for daily household work. A must have in the laundry shop or any bulky cloth line business is the commercial washing machine. ….  Read More

Integrated Washing Machines

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Some years ago buying a washing machine involved breaking the bank as they had expensive price tags stuck on them. But the new generation of integrated washing machines eliminates the problem of incurring such huge expenses and provides the same quality and performance at a much affordable price, probably the cheapest. One can decide from ….  Read More

Washing Machine Spare Parts

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The washing machine spare parts become a necessity especially when the washing machine faces numerous problems like inability in performing the desired way of wash or the quality of clothes pertaining to cleanliness after a wash from the machine. These troubles are sort of warnings to the user to realize that the washing machine needs ….  Read More

Samsung washing machine models

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WA65M4101HY Top Loading with Diamond Drum 6.5Kg WW66R22EK0S Front Loading with EcoBubble 6.5Kg WW61R20GLMW Front Loading with Diamond Drum & Ceramic Heater 6.0Kg WW66R22EK0X Front Loading with EcoBubble 6.5Kg WW61R20EKMW Front Loading with EcoBubble 6.0Kg Newtech service is well known for Samsung washing machine service in Chennai. WW66R22EKSW Front Loading with EcoBubble 6.5Kg WW60R20EK0S Front ….  Read More

Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ washing machine

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The Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ has a super load capacity of 4.7 cubic feet and a Tier III Energy Star rating. To provide long lasting performance, Maytag had it manufactured with a commercial capacity direct drive motor and a commercial grade stainless steel wash basket and glass window. Maytag MVWB750WQ 5.0 CF Washing Machine Reasonable Cycle ….  Read More

Best Washing Machine Guide

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Top Loader vs. Front Loader Before you buy a new washing machine, you need to know what kind of washer is suitable for you. Most of the time, washing machines are grouped based on their loader type – top loading and front loading machines. Regular top loading washers are generally less expensive and use less ….  Read More

Washing Your Washing Machine

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Cleaning your washing machine is important as it is constantly exposed to dirty water and mineral and detergent deposits. It is important to wash the tub of your washing machine especially if you wash cloth diapers because of hygienic purposes. You would not want to wash your clothes in a washer’s tub that is grimed ….  Read More

Cleaning washing machine door seal

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Buying washing machine isn’t an easy task. If you’ve ever tried this you surely know there are multiple things feel about before you make a decision in exact appliance. If you are doing it the first time you will surely need some suggestions! One word about the special laundry soap. Yes, these soaps did start ….  Read More