The influencer and inspirational image of Abraham lincoln – Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine was born on 29, January 1737 in Thetford, Norfolk, England, and died on 8th June 1808, New York, the U.S, an English American writer, and Political Pamphleteer whose “Common Sense” pamphlet and American Crisis papers were important influencers on the American Revolution.

Abraham lincoln’s main Influencer

Though Abraham lincoln not live in his period, his works ‘Common Sense”, American Crisis, Age of Revolution, Rights of Man all made people think and Abraham Lincoln was also a man influenced very much by Thomas Paine

The Connection between the two legends – Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Paine

The iconic Abraham Lincoln has become a standard with which countless public figures have been compared Parallels have been carried out with other U.S.Presidents in Particular. Thomas Jefferson shared with Abraham Lincoln the notions that religion has no monopoly on morality and should remain a matter of choice and that church and state should be kept separate. Abraham  Lincoln can also be related to Thomas Paine, who died in the same year when Lincoln was born.

The Seed for Human Freedom

Many aspects connect Abraham Lincoln, the father of ‘Second American Revolution’ and Thomas Paine author of “Common Sense”, the pamphlet which played a decisive role in the development of the American Revolution of 1776. Both Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Paine were advocates of human freedom, both sought to use lincoln’s words in his 1861 message to congress, to” elevate the condition of men., both were at once nationalists and universalists and dis-interested servants of the people, they both came from humble origins, Like Thomas Paine’s Abraham Lincoln’s image has reflected the metamorphosis of American society.

Path of Enlightenment

Like Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln contributed to the modern conception of an American “Civil Religion” in our lincoln, Carwardine contents that Abraham lincoln’s religion must not be taken ‘too lightly” and that religion “shaped his vision and drove his politics”. The same can be said about Thomas Paine. Unlike Abraham Lincoln, whose faith remains hard to pin down, Thomas Paine published his deistic views, both were drawn to enlightenment, rationalism, criticism and while they lived in different times and their quests went different paths neither were atheists.

They were men who acknowledged the existence of God, although not in an orthodox way, Thomas Paine was a man of the triumphant enlightenment, who confidently sought to institutionalize deism in the mid-1790s. At the same time, he promoted a subjective kind of faith, one that might have appealed to Lincoln’s introspective mind. “My own mind is my own church,” Paine forcefully wrote in the “Age of Reason”

Both Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Paine – As a Freethinker

Moreover, both were emancipators who have been objects of a fascination that is only fostered by this political and religious ambiguity. Thomas Paine can hardly be reclaimed by Christians, but his deism is one marked by the need to believe in a Creator and an afterlife. Yet just as Abraham Lincoln has been used by the left and right and co-opted by groups for various purposes.

 Thomas Paine has served the interest of Politicians and public figures from opposite camps some of whom would otherwise have nothing to do with his religious outlook. Thomas Paine has been put together with figures’ life. Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, both free thinkers and as a man of progress. “The House I live in is a patriotic ballad composed in the 1940s and sung by Frank Sinatra hinting at the words of old Abe Lincoln, of Jefferson. Thomas Paine Showed Abraham Lincoln how to use humor to make serious points.

As such one of the founders who most influenced Abraham Lincoln when he was young was the revolutionary journalist Thomas Paine. Paine had earned an all-American Reputation by chronicling the Revolutionary War. “ These are the times that try men’s Souls’.

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