Abraham Lincoln​

We might have come across the stories of many leaders whose life journeys have influenced us. There are some popular personalities who have been always recognized as legendary and one such leader is Abraham Lincoln.

Let us have a look at this famous 16th American president which would leave you with good leadership lessons.

  • Abraham Lincoln Biography – A brief overview
  • Lincoln’s young – Early life and education
  • How tall Lincoln was?
  • Abraham Lincoln – Interesting facts
  • Things you may not know about Abraham Lincoln
  • Abraham Lincoln truth
  • Abraham Lincoln wife and children
  • Political Journey and as the President
  • Abraham Lincoln death – Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Biography – A brief overview

Looking back to the Abraham Lincoln life history, a person who was most popular for leading the nation during the American Civil War was born in the year 1809. He was born extremely poor in a single-room log cabin in Kentucky.

Abraham Lincoln biography summary shows us that he had grown up in Kentucky and Indiana borders. And it was there Lincoln was self-educated, built himself with hard work, and books. The leader had humble beginnings in his lifetime. Thomas & Nancy Hanks Lincoln were his parents.

Abraham Lincoln brief biography reveals that when Lincoln was young, his father lost everything. After that they shifted to Perry County in Indiana. There, they struggled a lot to lead their lives.


Born innear Hodgenville, Kentucky, U.S
Date of birthFeb. 12, 1809
Also called byHonest Abe, the Great Emancipator,  the Rail-Splitter
ParentsThomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln
SiblingsSister named Sarah and one younger brother named Thomas
SpouseMary Todd
Married in1842
ChildrenFour sons, two of them died tragically in their early childhood age
Height1.93 M
Died in15/04/1865

After five years spent there, they moved again to Indiana. In the year 1818, on October 5th Lincoln’s mother died. Abraham Lincoln life story tells his readers that his mother died of “milk sickness,” which means to be caused by the milk of cows which have eaten snakeroot, a poisonous plant.

Then, Lincoln’s father Thomas Lincoln remarried Sarah Bush Johnston. Despite the fact that it was in Abraham Lincoln short biography that Lincoln and his father were never close, still Sarah and Lincoln (when he was nine years) built a relationship which lasted throughout their lives.

The best Lincoln biography would stand for the fact that this was Sara who made attempts to educate Lincoln. In the years of 1847 to 1849, Lincoln was a successful lawyer. In the year 1860, Abraham was in the Republican nomination for president and as expected, he could win the presidential election. Lincoln was shot to death by John Wilkes Booth on 14 April 1865 when Abraham was involved in watching a play in Ford’s Theater.

Abraham Lincoln early life and education

The great leader Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky in Hardin County, in 1809.  His parents Thomas and Nancy Lincoln were of low social standing, and had little education. They lived in their one room log cabin which was situated on their farm. Because of the issues related to land disputes, Abraham Lincoln and his family moved from Kentucky to the place Perry County, Indiana in 1817.

The childhood life of this great leader seemed to be rough. Mother of Abraham Lincoln, Nancy Hanks, had died on 5th October, 1818, due to tremetol which means milk sickness, when he was just nine. His family had been moved several times; from his birthplace of Kentucky, to Indiana, and thereafter to Illinois in his early 20s.


Abraham Lincoln Childhood Home
Abraham Lincoln Childhood Home

 After his mother’s death, Abraham Lincoln’s father remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston. She was the one who helped in bringing up the young Lincoln.

After arriving in Illinois, Lincoln lost interest in farming and he started splitting rails and was clearing the farm of his father. He had been having his schooling for a year and later he was involved in studying on his own in order to improve his knowledge.

 In 1830, his family migrated to Macon County Illinois and settled in a village which had about 25 families. Lincoln was doing several jobs at that time that included surveyor, stints in postmaster, and shopkeeper. After this, he made an entry into the politics world.

Abraham Lincoln educational background

Abraham Lincoln formal education
Abraham and his sister Sarah joined ABC schools.

Abraham Lincoln formal education had started in a primitive log cabin. When Lincoln and his family were residing on Knob Creek, both Abraham and his sister Sarah joined ABC schools. There they studied for a little while.

Abraham Lincoln educational background was extremely limited. Sarah, the new wife of Thomas Lincoln was so kind and attentive and she could recognize the talents of Abraham. She actively took part in nurturing Abraham Lincoln on education. She motivated him to read a lot and helped on that by borrowing books from neighbors, teachers, clergymen, and even from the passed by travelers.

Looking at Abraham Lincoln education level, Lincoln attended Crawford’s school only for 3 months. After a year, he had joined a school that was four miles away from the household of Lincoln. Due to the distance, he couldn’t go consistently.

In the end, Abraham Lincoln education finished at the age of fifteen. However, he could master the basic skills of arithmetic, reading, and writing and make a foundation that built upon to educate himself. All it made possible through his enormous reading.

Abraham Lincoln childhood Story

Abraham Lincoln Childhood Photo

The history speaks that Abraham Lincoln childhood had humble surroundings. He was born on February 12, 1809, in Hardin County, on the dirty floors of a single room log cabin, in Kentucky. Abraham belonged to a working family.

Abraham Lincoln childhood story reveals that he was brought up in Kentucky and he was self-educated, largely. Lincoln and his family lived in Kentucky till the year 1816 and then they left for Perry County, Indiana. In Lincoln’s childhood, when he was 7 years old, his family moved to Indiana. There were many reasons behind their shifting to the place and one was that Sinking Spring Farm’s soil fertility was decreasing.

Through Abraham Lincoln childhood facts, we come to know that he had never gone to college. He had only 18 months of schooling in his young age. In Abraham Lincoln early childhood, at the age of 9 years, his mother Nancy Hanks died. Shortly, Thomas Lincoln, Abraham’s father, remarried Sarah Bush Johnston. And the young Abraham Lincoln bonded with his stepmother, immediately.

Abraham Lincoln was six feet four inches (189cm or 1.9m) tall. Though he was raw-boned and long-limbed, he was still muscular and physically strong.

abraham lincoln height was 1.9m
Abraham Lincoln height was 1.9m

Abraham Lincoln – Interesting facts

  • From an early age, he was keen in reading and possessed the capability of gobbling up any book that he could get from his neighbor or clergymen, or traveling teachers.
  • Although he couldn’t attend the school in a consistent manner, still he was able to build his knowledge on his own.
  • During that time, traveling teachers used to teach at a nearby rudimentary schoolhouse. Else, Lincoln walked several miles to the nearest school.
  • Despite studying in school for not even a year, he could become an excellent reader, learned writing, and learned measure, division and multiplication calculations.
  • As Abraham Lincoln was not having papers in his house to practice for writing and math, he did arithmetic on the back of a wooden spoon and used a charcoal in the place of a makeshift pencil.

Things you may not know about Abraham Lincoln

There are some interesting facts and unknown things about this great 16th U.S. president. Explore them here.

  • Although Abraham Lincoln wasn’t quite known as WWE material, still he could be an accomplished wrestler as a young man. His long limbs aided in that. Had the history of being defeated only once in nearly 300 matches, he reportedly known for little blows in the ring.
  • Though he was a successful lawyer, still he didn’t not even qualify with a degree. Whatever the knowledge he gained was done on his own.
  • Lincoln had the pride of – the first bearded US President, the first one to hold a patent and also the first person to present in an inaugural photograph.
  • Being a person of tall and thin physique, having bearded and top hat made Lincoln an aesthetically iconic in the history of American history. In fact, dressing up like Abraham Lincoln is still a popular costume for events.
  • In 1865, on April 14, he signed legislation that created the U.S. Secret Service. It was that evening, he was shot at Ford’s Theatre. However, even if that Secret Service would have been established some little earlier, it wouldn’t have saved the leader.
  • After the Secret Service came to Lincoln’s protection, which happened after the death of Lincoln, there happened an incident. In 1876, a gang of Chicago counterfeiters tried to steal the body of Lincoln from his tomb, in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, protected by a single padlock.
  • Abraham Lincoln first journey to Washington, D.C. was not intended to work as President. He served at first as a single term in the United States House of Representatives during the period of 1847 to 1849.
  • He was the first president who had been born outside of the 13 original states in the United States.
  • Although he had a nickname Abe, still he preferred to be called by Lincoln.
  • He was the one who made Thanksgiving a national holiday.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the tallest President having 6’4. He was an animal lover and had a variety of pets at White House that include a pet named Jack and a goat called Nanny and Nanko.

Abraham Lincoln truth​

  • In fact, it can be said that there was a real start of Lincoln’s life when he shifted to New Orleans.
  • After Abraham Lincoln shifted to this place, he later moved to Illinois and there set up himself as a store clerk.
  • In 1832, when the Black Hawk War broke out, he took the transformation of captain of his volunteer company.
  • He was serving for three months there; however, he didn’t receive any active duty.
  • The first bid for elected office for Abraham Lincoln came in the same period of 1832.
  • It was then he just faced unsuccessful in the Illinois state legislature.
  • After two years, Abraham Lincoln tasted success and became a fixture of the Whig party in the General Assembly.
  • He was in the position for the next eight years. This was also the time when his law career also thrived.
  • In 1837, he was taken into the bar, and moved to Springfield.

Abraham Lincoln wife and children

Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd of Lexington Kentucky in 1842 on 4th November. His wife’s half-brothers died when they served in the Confederate Army in the Civil War. Lincoln’s wife was a well-educated and high-spirited lady from a Kentucky family. Although the couple had four children, Robert of the four was the only one who survived to adulthood.

Abraham Lincoln wife
Abraham Lincoln wife - Mary Todd Lincoln
Three sons of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd died before reaching adulthood. From left to right – William Wallace, Edward Baker (Eddie) and Thomas (Tad)

Political Journey and as the President

  • When Lincoln entered into the politics, it was the time that slavery was on the rise. Especially, in new territories, because of the reason they were added to the Union. 
  • Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the new Republican Party and he was recognized as the politically moderate person.
  • He levied restriction on slavery to the states and in 1854 he described slavery as a major issue which needed to be certainly solved. In 1858, in a senatorial race, though he lost, still he could win national recognition as a strong political force. He was appreciated and recognized for his inspiring thoughts.
  • Abraham Lincoln was a presidential candidate in the 1860 election.
  • He won it by approximately 400,000 popular votes and also carried the Electoral College.
  • In 1861, 1st February, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Texas were also separated. Soon after the beginning of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. It was actually a document had the purpose of making Confederate states slavery-free.
  • However, it didn’t address the legality of slavery in Missouri, Arkansas or Kansas, or Nebraska territory.
  • In 1860, after a very hard-fought, divisive campaign, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first Republican President of the United States. He received the entire support from the North and West of the country. However, the south strongly disagreed with the position of Lincoln on slavery.

Abraham Lincoln death - Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

  • The Great Emancipator and the 16th president of the United States – Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, who was a well-known actor, on 14 April 1865 at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.
  • The attack took place five days after Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his huge army in Virginia, at Appomattox Court House after the successful ending of American Civil War.
  • After knowing that Lincoln was at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C attending Laura Keene’s acclaimed performance of “Our American Cousin” on April 14, John Wilkes Booth made a plan even more crucial than his plan of kidnapping.
  • Both he and his co-conspirators thought by simultaneously assassinating Lincoln, Andrew Johnson (Vice President) and Secretary of State William H. Seward would panic the U.S. government.
  • In fact, the plan was initiated with a motive of kidnapping Abraham Lincoln and thought to exchange for the release of Confederate prisoners. But, on the day when it was supposed to be executed, Booth changed his mind after attending his speech, where Lincoln promoted voting rights for Blacks. He was determined to assassinate the president.
  • News about the death of the president traveled quickly. At the end of the day flags flew at half-mast across the country, businesses were closed and those who were rejoicing at the end of the Civil War hurt in heart hearing about the Lincoln’s shocking assassination.
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